Last Update: 15 September 2003

Sean's voice can be heard on O2 ads on UK radio and TV, promoting phones, the internet, games, and the O2 website.

Sean did the original voiceover in mid-April, 2002. There have been many different re-recordings since. Each recording session takes an hour or two of studio time, depending on how many ads are recorded.

Radio and television ads have been ongoing, with more planned. Sean's voice will continue to be used for the foreseeable future.

The advertising endline, which runs on all tv, radio, and press is "See what you can do. O2." Sean always reads this, even if he isn't featured in the main body of the commercial.

O2's parent company is mmO2 plc.

There should be no limit to what you can do.
The distant can be near.
The switched-on can switch off.
The trapped can be free.
And even the shy can flirt.
However you want to use your mobile,
O2 can help as much - or as little - as you choose.
We are the new current in mobile communication.
See what you can do - O2.

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