Acuvue Ads

Last Update: 29 April 2001

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Sean appears in a series of television ads for Johnson & Johnson Acuvue contact lenses.

The original two scenarios were first transmitted in April 2000:

Sean looking at a painting by Georges Seurat (Un dimanche après-midi à l'Ile de la Grande Jatte - Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte) ("And you thought 20/20 was as good as it gets....")
Sean shooting a high-tech bow and arrow at a target ("Sharp as ever...")

There are also shorter, 15 second versions of both ads (the Sharp as Ever ad begins with Sean saying: "How visionary!").

A third ad, for Acuvue Toric Lenses (for astigmatism) was filmed at the same time as the first two, but was not shown on television until March 2001.

All three ads were filmed over a one week period in Toronto, Canada.

Sean was picked because the ad agency felt he was authoritative and because he was "simply gripping" - his performance in Patriot Games, among other films, helped the agency decide that he would be perfect for the ads.

Sean was described as "an incredibly charming guy - and, he was a dream to work with - he was very gracious and friendly - after the shoot was over he made sure he went around to everyone on the set to thank them."

Johnson & Johnson is represented internationally by McCann Erickson.


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