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A covert-operations team is kept up the government’s sleeve to infiltrate high-risk situations whenever needed. They are recruited to steal a deadly virus from a band of terrorists. Led by Commander Bill McNeil, the team
confronts the thieves in a daring act of air piracy, rappelling down a cable fired at and magnetically attached to the terrorists’ jet from their stealth plane. After an intense mid-air standoff the team retrieves the bottled disease. But when two members of the group turn up murdered, McNeil starts to think that their own government is knocking them off to keep the virus a secret.

Overwhelmed with suspicion, he and the remaining team steal the virus back and become the desperate quarry of a group of mysterious mercenaries who might be more familiar to them than they suspect. An intense cat and mouse game envelops the two remaining agents who now don’t know who to trust or what to believe.


This third feature film from Toronto director Julian Grant was intended from the beginning to be a rip-off of Mission: Impossible and The Rock and is packed with gunfights, stunts and even chemically-frozen human beings whose limbs snap off during taught action sequences.

During a Question and Answer period for Airborne at the Fant-Asia Film Festival, director Julian Grant solicited a lot of good humor and genuine awe when he revealed that the film was shot for less than three million dollars U.S.

Filmed in and around Toronto, Canada in the summer of 1997, "Airborne combines a great action script, incredible aerial footage with special effects, and a strong international cast," states Executive Producer John Fremes. "This is a classic thriller -- an elite team on an impossible mission, with an enemy hiding in their midst."

Airborne premiered at the Fant-Asia Film Festival in Montreal on July 19, 1998 and in Toronto on July 24, 1998.


Sean Bean
Kim Coates
Colm Feore
Steve Guttenberg
Torri Higginson


Bob Murdoch
Ron Simpson
Bill McNeil
Tammy Gemmel


Produced by

Executive Producer
Written by
Directed by
Costume Design
Film Editor
Released by
Premiere Date

Video Release (UK)


Alliance Communications Corp
Le Monde Entertainment

John Fremes
John Gillespie
Tony Johnston & Julian Grant
Julian Grant
Judith England
Paul G. Day
Christophe Beck
Gerald R. Goozee & Russ Goozee
Le Monde Entertainment
July 19, 1998 (Montreal)
July 24, 1998 (Toronto)
November 1998


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