Alphabetical List of Ads, Voice-Overs, Audio, TV,
Film, Games and Stage Appearances

Last Update: 28 March 2009


Dates given are transmission/release/performance dates


A Kind of Loving (BBC Radio 4 "Book at Bedtime) (May 11-22, 1998) - narrator
A Midsummer Night's Dream (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company) - Character: Starveling (1986)
A Murder Has Been Arranged (stage play) (Rotherham Civic Theatre)
A Woman's Guide to Adultery (TV Mini Series) Character: Paul (1993)
Acuvue Contact Lenses (US/Canadian television ads) (April 12, 2000 and ongoing) (main actor)
Airborne (Video Release)(November 1998) Character: Toombs
Arsenic and Old Lace (stage play) Rotherham College
As It Happened - D-Day to Berlin (BBC / SBS Documentary) (July 3, 10, 17, 2004) - narrator (2004)



Barbican (tv ad for non-alcoholic beer, British TV) (1982-85)
Barnardo's (tv ad for children's charity, British TV) (April 2003) - voiceover
Black Beauty (Theatrical Release) Character: Farmer Grey (1994)
Bravo Two Zero (Video Release/Telefilm) (28 Dec 1998/January 3/4 1999) Character: Andy McNab
Britain's Biggest Break (ad) (Television, UK) (January 2002) - voiceover
Build Me Up (music video - Tony Hadley) (UK) (1996) - guest appearance


Cabaret (stage play) (Rotherham Civic Theatre) Character: Herr Schultz (1980)
Caravaggio (Theatrical Release) Character: Ranuccio (1986)
Clarissa (TV Mini Series) Character: Lovelace (1991)
Creatures Of The Magic Water (ITV documentary) (July 10, 1996) - narrator (1996)
Crusoe (TV series) (2008) (NBC) - James Crusoe


David and Jonathan (stage play) (Redgrave Theatre, Farnham) Character: Jonathan (1984)
Dead or Alive: The Hunt for Bin Laden (CBC Newsworld Documentary) (March 6/12, 2005) - narrator
Deathwatch (stage play) (Foco Novo Theatre Company, The Young Vic) - Character: Lederer (1985)
Decisive Weapons 1 (BBC2 documentary) (Sept 18, 1996) - narrator
Decisive Weapons 2 (BBC2 documentary) (September, 1997) - narrator
Don't Say a Word (New Regency/Fox, US) (2001) Character: Patrick Koster


England's Story (DVD/video about 2003 Rugby World Cup) - narrator (2004)
(Feature Film/Dimension Films/Blue Tulip Productions, US) (December 2002) Character: Partridge
Essex Boys (Feature Film/Granada Films, UK) (2000) Character: Jason Locke
Exploits at West Poley (ITV Movie) Character: Scarface (1990 - produced in 1985)
Extremely Dangerous (4 part TV series) (ITV, UK) (November 1999)


Faceless (Series Pilot, FOX Television, USA) Character: John Robson/Eddie Pray (2006)
Far North (Theatrical Release) Character: Loki (2007)
Fears and Miseries of the Third Reich
(stage play) (RADA) (1981)
Flightplan (Feature Film/Touchstone) Character: Captain Rich (2005)
Fool's Gold (TV Movie [ITV]) Character: Micky McAvoy (1992)



GoldenEye (Theatrical Release) Character: Alec Trevelyan (006) (1995)
Gone (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Art (1985)



Hallam University Radio Ads - Hallam FM / Galaxy FM (Sheffield) (Sept/Oct 2005)
Henry VIII
(TV Movie) Character: Robert Aske (2003)
How to Get Ahead in Advertising (Theatrical Release) Character: Larry Frisk (1989)



In the Border Country (Channel 4 TV Movie) Character: Smith (1991)
Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction (TV Movie) Character: Alex Bailey (1992)



Jacob: A TNT Bible Story (TV Movie) Character: Esau (1994)
Julius Caesar (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Flavius/Popilius/Cinna (1982)


Killing the Cat (stage play) (Soho Theatre Company, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Danny (1990)
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Audio Book (Naxos) - narrator (1997)
King Lear (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Duke of Albany (1981)


Lady Chatterley (TV Mini Series) Character: Mellors (1992)
Last Days of Mankind (stage play) (Glasgow Citizens Theatre) Character: A Journalist (credited as Shaun Behan) (1983)
Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (Theatrical Release) Character: Count Vronsky (1997)
Lorna Doone (TV Mini Series) Character: Carver Doone (1990)
Lyrical Balads - Wordsworth and Coleridge (BBC Radio 4) (September 7-13, 1998) - narrator


Macbeth (stage play) (Ambassador Theatre Group) Character: Macbeth (17 October - 01 February 2003)
M&S Christmas ads (Television, UK) (November - December 2002)
May It Be (Music Video for Enya) (2001)
Measure for Measure (stage play) (RADA) - Character:  Angelo (1983)
Medea (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Jason (1983)
Much Ado About Nothing (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Messenger/Guard/Musician (1983)
My Kingdom for a Horse (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Steve (1991)



National Treasure (Theatrical Release) Character: Ian Howe (2004)
North Country (Theatrical Release) (2005)



One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (stage play) (RADA) - Character: McMurphy (1982)
Outlaw (Theatrical Release) Character: Chrissy (2007)
Over The Hills And Far Away: The Music Of Sharpe (Overture - narrator) (CD/Virgin) (1996)



Paradise Blues (Channel 4, UK) (13 June 1999) (documentary) - narrator
Patriot Games (Theatrical Release) Character: Sean Miller (1992)
Percy Jackson (Theatrical Release) Character: Zeus (2010)
Poetry Reading at the Apollo Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London (24 April 2002) (guest reader)
Pride (Animated/Live Action TV Movie [BBC1]) Voice: Dark (2004)
Prince (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Jack Morgan (1991)
Punters (also known as Joey and Spansky) (TV Play [BBC] 27 November 1984)



Q.E.D. ("Call of the Deep" - The World Free Diving Championships) (BBC 1) (November 10, 1998) - narrator



Radio 2's Christmas Chillout (Christmas Music / Narration) (25 Dec 2005) (BBC Radio 2) - Narrator
Red Riding Quartet (Channel 4) - Character: John Dawson (March 2009)
Reputations: Marie Antoinette
(Documentary) (11 December 2002) (BBC2) - Narrator
Romeo and Juliet (stage play) (Watermill Theatre, Newbury, Berkshire) - Character: Tybalt (first professional acting job) (credited as Shaun Behan) (1983)
Romeo and Juliet (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Barbican & The Swan) - Character: Romeo (1986)
Ronin (Theatrical Release) (September 1998 - US/November 1998 - UK)
The Root of All Evil (Theatrical Release) Character: Pyke (2008)
Rosenkavalier (stage play) (Glasgow Citizens Theatre) Character: An Animal Seller (credited as Shaun Behan) (1983)



Samson and Delilah (Channel 4) Character: Billy (1984)
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (BBC Radio 2) (August 7 - September 25, 1998) - narrator
Scarlett (TV Mini Series) Character: Lord/Earl of Fenton (1994)
Sharpe's Battle (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1995)
Sharpe's Challenge (TV Movie) (ITV-UK) Character: Richard Sharpe (1996)
Sharpe's Company (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe (1994)
Sharpe’s Devil - Audio Book (Harper Collins) - narrator (1993)
Sharpe's Eagle (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe (1993)
Sharpe's Enemy (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe (1994)
Sharpe's Gold (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1995)
Sharpe's Honour (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe (1994)
Sharpe's Justice (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1997)
Sharpe's Legend (Compilation video - Sharpe series) Character: Richard Sharpe (1997)
Sharpe's Mission (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1996)
Sharpe's Peril (TV Movie) (ITV-UK) Character: Richard Sharpe (2008)
Sharpe's Regiment (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1996)
Sharpe's Revenge (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1997)
Sharpe's Rifles (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe (1993)
Sharpe's Siege (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1996)
Sharpe's Sword (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1995)
Sharpe’s Tiger - Audio Book (Harper Collins) - narrator (1997)
Sharpe's Waterloo (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe (1997)
Shopping (Theatrical Release) Character: Venning (1994)
Silent Hill (Theatrical Release) Character: Christopher (2006)
SKY Football Ad (Sky Television, UK) (August 1997)
Small Zones (BBC TV Feature Film [BBC2]) Character: Vic (1990)
Stalemate (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Estate Agent (1985)
Stormy Monday (Theatrical Release) Character: Brendan (1988)


Tell Me That You Love Me (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Gabriel Lewis (1991)
The Big Empty (Theatrical Release) Character: Cowboy (2003)
The Big Game (audio book) (Cover to Cover Cassettes) - narrator (1999)
The Big Match (audio book) (Cover to Cover Cassettes) - narrator (1999)
The Bill (ITV series - Episode: Long Odds) Character: Horace Clark (1984)
The Canterbury Tales (Animated TV Series [BBC] - Episode: The Nun's Priest's Tale - December 1998) Character Voice: The Nun's Priest
The Contenders (BBC1 documentary - 5 parts) (broadcast from 8 July 1994) - narrator (1994)
The Country Wife (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Mr. Pinchwife (1982)
The Dark (Theatrical Release) (2005) - Character: James
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (game) (voice - The Emperor's Lost Son) (2005/2006)
The Fair Maid of the West (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Mermaid) - Character: Spencer (1986)
The Field (Theatrical Release) Character: Tadgh McCabe (1990)
The Fifteen Streets (TV Movie) Character: Dominic O'Brien (1989)
The Hitcher (Theatrical Release) (2007) -
The House of Atreus (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Agamemnon (1981)
The Island (Theatrical Release) - Character: Merick (2005)
The Lord of the Rings (The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King) Character: Boromir (2001, 2002, 2003)
The Loser (10 minute short play for Channel 4 Television) Character: Rod (1990)
The Merry Wives of Windsor (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pistol (1981)
The Owl and the Pussycat (stage play) (Rotherham College)
The Pajama Game (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pop (1982)
The Practice (2 episodes of TV Series, Granada) (1986)
The Real Monty (Channel 5 documentary) (March 19, 1998) - narrator
The Three Sisters (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Andre Prozorov (1982)
The Times Ads (Television, UK) (ongoing) - narrator (1998)
The True Bride (TV segment from Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" series) (July 23, 1989)
The True Story Of Martin Guerre (Radio Play - BBC Radio Four) (Character: Martin Guerre) (June 21 & 28, 1996)
The Vicar of Dibley (1 episode of TV Series, BBC1) (27 December, 1999) Character: Sean Bean
The Way it Was (Audio Book) (Hodder & Stoughton) - narrator (2000)
There's Only One Barry Fry (ITV documentary) (May 24, 1997) - narrator
Tom & Thomas (Theatrical Release) (2002) Character: Paul Sheppard
Treacherous Places (3-part Channel 5 documentary series, UK) (March 19 & 26, April 2, 2001) - narrator
Trouble on the Terraces (About football violence - 90mins) (video released 1994, Castle Vision, CVI 1748) - narrator (1994)
Troubles (2-part TV film) Character: Captain Bolton (1988)
Troy (Theatrical Release) Character: Odyseeus (2004)
Twelfth Night (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Fabian (1982)







Waiting for Godot (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pozzo (1982)
War Requiem (Theatrical Release) Character: German Soldier (1988)
We Are All Made of Stars (Music Video for Moby) (2002)
Wedded (TV Play [ BBC2]) Character: Man (1990)
When Saturday Comes (Theatrical Release) Character: Jimmy Muir (1996)
Where Were You: Passion, Pride & Penalties (BBC1, UK) (02 December 1998) - narrator
Who Knew Mackenzie? (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Terry (1985)
Windprints (Theatrical Release) Character: Anton van Heerden (1990)
Winter Flight (TV Movie - also known as The Big Surprise) Character: Hooker (1984)
Woman's Hour (50th Anniversary Special) (BBC Radio) (Sean read from RSC's Romeo and Juliet (30 September 1987)
World Cup 2002: Beckham for Breakfast (BBC One, UK) (22 December 2002) (documentary) - narrator
World Cup Rock'N'Goal Years (ITV, UK) (12 July 1998) - narrator










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