Arizona/The Association

Last Update: 17 February 1998

In June 1996 newspapers in the UK reported that Steel City Productions would be producing a film later in the year. Steel City was a production company Sean planned to set up with several associates including actor John Tams, and James Daly, who had produced When Saturday Comes.

In September 1996 it was reported that the working title for the film would be The Association. Sean would appear in the film and act as co-producer.

Actor John Tams appeared on a satellite TV program in the UK on 30 April 1997, and stated that he was working on a new film.

John Tams gave another another television interview on 1 May 1997. The interviewer inquired about a screenplay Tams had written, and Tams confirmed that work was about to start on the film, now called Arizona. He indicated that Sean would produce the film as well as star in it, and that the production was "virtually green-lit, as they say."

The plot of Arizona revolved around a scam, based on a true gangster story that took place in Sheffield.

On 14 May 1997, a local northern newspaper (possibly the Sheffield Star) reported that Sean would take a lead role as a businessman and be co-producer (with James Daly) of a Sheffield-based suspense movie, Arizona. Filming would take place in the city in August and September.

The script was co-written by James Daly and John Tams.

Sean, however, would not confirm any details, and his press agent stated that Sean was unaware of any further developments in the film.

There have been no more reports since that time.

(Thanks to Jane Lucas for the details.)


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