Last Update: 04 August 2001

A recent book about James Bond listed actors' credits in its Appendix. As Sean played 006 in GoldenEye, he was included. But a curious entry appeared under his name - a TV series called Betty.

There was indeed a tv series called Betty. The £4.5 million, six hour tv musical, starring Twiggy, Christopher Lee and Sean Bean, was going to be made by LWT and the independent production company Eagerworth.

Seen as a cross between Double Indemnity and Cabaret, Betty was to be set in the 1930's Depression, and told the story of a beautiful but ruthless East End girl who begins her career as a nippy at a Lyons Corner House until she is "discovered" by a seedy nightclub owner who installs her as his singer and makes her his mistress.

The program was to be produced by Barry Hanson and scripted by Barrie Keefe. A set had been built at Shepperton studios. However, the series was beset by production problems, and was scrapped in February 1988.

Thanks to Jane Lucas for the research on this.

Update: 04 August 2001

In an interview which appeared in The Mirror on 04 August 2001, Twiggy was asked what the high and low points of her life had been. She replied:

"The highlight was doing a huge 1920s musical on Broadway called My One And Only in 1983, which was a sell-out for 18 months. The major low point was in 1986. I'd been working on a period drama for ITV called Betty which I was producing and starring in. Then a union disagreement caused it to be cancelled. It was three weeks from shooting, a £1m set had just been built, 250 people were put out of work and I was ready to go and kill somebody."


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