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Anna Karenina (Japanese Leaflet) 97
(Internet) Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina James Berardinelli Jun 97
Austin American-Statesman Latest adaptation of 'Anna Karenina' faithful to a fault Michael Point May 97
Baltimore Sun Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Michael Ollove May 2, 97
Boston Globe Jay Carr May 2, 97
Boston Phoenix May 23-30, 97
Box Office Magazine Kim Williamson Apr 97
Canoe Sophie Marceau trying to parlay rave U.S. start 'Braveheart' Apr 15, 97
Chicago Sun Times This Anna as Cold as Russian Winter Roger Ebert Apr 18, 97
Chicago Tribune 'Anna Karenina' long on looks Michael Wilmington Fri Apr 18, 97
City Weekly (Sydney, Aust) Jul 17, 97
CNN Showbiz Web Post 'Anna Karenina' skims the story, even if you haven't read it Paul Tatara Apr 14, 97
Cosmopolitan Jun 97
Critic's Choice Critic's Choice Review Brandon Judell 97
Daily Mail Unstirred by Euro-pudding Fri May 23, 97
Daily Telegraph Cinema section Quentin Curtis Sat 24 May 97
Daily Telegraph Film + ad Quentin Curtis May 24, 97
Daily Telegraph Who cries for Karenina when Bean means butties? James Delingpole Sat 31 May 97
Daily Variety Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Todd McCarthy Apr 1, 97
Denver Post Passion absent in AK Steven Rosen 9 May 97
Detriot Free Press Elegant 'Karenina' is all surface Terry Lawson May 2, 97
Electronic Telegraph Bernard Rose's Anna Karenina Quentin Curtis Sat 24 May 97
Electronic Telegraph Sophie Marceau, A proper little madame Sat 17 May 97
Empire Jun 97
Entertainment Weekly Review & Critical Mass Lisa Schwarzbaum Apr 18, 97
Entertainment Weekly Spring Movie Preview Feb 21 - 28 97
Entertainment Wire Apr 23, 96
European Mag 5-11 Jun 97
Eurostar (French) Sophie On the up/fc S Marceau ou l'art d n'etre plus sage Jul-Aug 97 no 16
Express Painting Karenina by numbers Fri May 23, 97
Eye Mag (Toronto) Tom Lyons Apr 10, 97
Fairfield Film Festival Fairfield Film Festival Jul - Aug 97
Film Review David Bailey Jun 97
Film Review Cannes Bitz Jul 96
Film Scouts Web Post Karen Jaehne Apr 97
Flicks Mike Shallcross Jun 97, vol 10
Freeze Frames Monitor Movie David Sterritt Apr 4, 97
Guardian Other new releases + ad Fri 23 May 97
Hello 24 May 97
Hollywood Reporter Film news - Marceau playing Anna Karenina 5 Mar 96
Hollywood Reporter Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Frank Scheck Apr 1, 97
Hollywood Variety Daily Variety Ratings May 7 97
Houston Chronicle An `Anna Karenina' covered with gilt Jeff Millar Apr 30, 97
Independent Tabloid mag Film Thurs 22 May 97
London Evening Standard Losing all in the translation Thur, 22 May 97
Los Angeles Times An Elegant Yet Subdued 'Anna Karenina' Kevin Thomas Apr 4, 97
Los Angeles Weekly Marina Rosenfeld Apr 11-16, 97
Metro Active (online newsp) Slow Train Coming Keith Hamshere May 1-7, 97
Minneapolis Star Tribune Jay Carr May 2, 97
Movie Marquee The Tragic Lover Bart Mills Apr 97
Movieplus May 97, Issue 1
Mr Showbiz An ideal Anna and a Passionless Count F X Feeney
New York Daily News 'Anna's' Out For the Count Robert Dominguez Apr 4, 97
New York News Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Marshall Fine 3 Apr, 97
New York Post Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Michael Medved Apr 4, 97
New York Times A Post-Soviet Travelogue Stephen Holden Fri Apr 4, 97
New York Times Actress Marceau Hits the US - Top Stories 97
New York Times That Was No 'Lady': Pilfering Literature Jesse Green May 11, 97
New Yorker Apr 14, 97
Newsday A Film Even Mother Russia Couldn't Love John Anderson Apr 4, 97

Nine to Five (Sydney, Aust) Movies Tim Hunter & Karl Quinn
Nine to Five (Sydney, Aust) Upcoming release/full page colour ad Jul 14, 97 iss 456
Observer May 25, 97
OK Sophie Marceau in a classic tale 9 May 97, iss 58
Orange County Register Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina' in snippets Henry Sheehan May 97
People Mag (US) Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Apr 14, 97
Premiere Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Jun 97
Premiere (French) Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Jun, 97 no 234
Premiere (US) Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Apr, 97
Press Assoc News Darren Bignell May 31, 97
Reuters/Variety Exclusive Box Office in love with Amy Monica Roman Apr 15, 97
Reuters/Variety On track at exclusive Box Office Monica Roman Tue Apr 8, 97
Richmond Times-Dispatch Anna Karenina's a good read Daniel Neman Sat May 31, 97
San Francisco Bay Guardian Sophie Marceau charms in the latest adaptation Michael Arago Apr 16, 97
San Francisco Bay Guardian Trainstopping: Sophie M & Sean B are on the right track Apr 16, 97
San Francisco Chronicle `Anna Karenina' Is Down for the Count Ruthe Stein Fri Apr 18 97
San Francisco Chronicle 'AK' is Down for the Count/Karenina Passion lacking Ruthe Stein Apr 4, 97
San Francisco Chronicle Marceau's heroic Anna K/French actress from Braveheart Mick LaSalle Sun Apr 13, 97
Seattle Times Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina John Hartl Jul 97?
Seattle Weekly Claire Dederer 23 Apr, 97
Sheffield Star Rough and Ready... but Sharpe is to give way to polished Tolstoy 3 May 97
Sight & Sound Jun 97
St Petersburg Times A Really 'Horror Show' Film John O'Mahony 96
Sunday Times Hollywood gets ideas above its station Tom Shone 25 May 97
Sydney Morning Herald Metro Quelle Tragique/fc Love Crimes and Punishment Ruth Hessey Jul 11, 97
Sydney newspaper (unknown) Movies Tim Hunter & Karl Quinn Jul 97
The New Yorker The Movies Apr 97
The News Handsome cast lost for words Fri May 23, 97
The People May 25, 97
The Sun Movies Fri May 23, 97
The Times Cinema + ad Geoff Brown Thurs 22 May 97
Toronto Globe & Mail Arts & Film - Ambitious Anna goes off rails Liam Lacey Apr 4, 97
Toronto Now Apr 3-9, 97
Toronto Now Sophie Marceau moved by LTolstoys Smarts April 3-9, 97
Toronto Star Apr 3-9, 97
Toronto Star At 28, a woman's eye wanders... Sid Adilman Mar 21, 97
Toronto Star Even Tolstoy bored by this Anna Peter Goddard 7 Apr 97
Toronto Sun Anna Karenina a choice role for Sophie Liz Braun Apr 2nd, 97
Toronto Sun Passion & pretty clothes Liz Braun Apr 4th, 97
Total Film Not only, but also Jul 97
Turkish Daily News Preferred a sinful affair to an ordinary respectable marriage Nazli Karamustafaoglu 8 Dec 97
UCLA (Los Angeles) A film review Han Kuo 3 May 97?
UK News Anna Karenina/Saskia Wickham Neil Bonner 18 Mar 96
United Airlines Hemispheres International Films Aug 97
Vancouver Festival Cinema Gu Apr 97
Vancouver Province Where's life, subtlety in AK? Roger Ebert Fri Apr 18, 97
Vancouver Sun AK loses too much in the move from page Katherine Monk Apr 19, 97
Vancouver Sun Classic Karenina Jamie Portman Apr 15, 97
Variety Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Monica Roman Apr 7-13, 97
Washington Post Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Rita Kempley Apr 18, 97
Washington Post New on Video: Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina Rita Kempley Sep 12, 97
Woman May 26, 97
Yorkshire Evening Post? Action Man Bean's new Triumph 97




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