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Please note: this is only a list of articles and reviews from the books. It isn't an archive of the actual extracts.
The following references pertain to mostly nonfiction books which contain information about Sean, and also articles
about books which relate to work Sean has done, ie, the Sharpe series. NB. Some fictional books are also mentioned.

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A Golden Book (NY) Black Beauty adapted by Betty Birney 94 from Screenplay by Caroline Thompson; picChildren's book Black Beauty
BFI Modern Classics Caravaggio Leo Bersani & Ulysse Dutoit 99 pics: Caravaggio/Lena kissing in studio, just after he stabs C., fighting Davide etcdiscusses symbolisms in film, compares scenes with real paintings, talks about homosexual undertones, paperback, 5 x 7ins. pics: several - not appeared elsewhere p11 Caravaggio
Thames & Hudson Derek Jarman: A Portrait Col pic of Sean posing on p103ISBN 0500-01723-9 Ranuccio (SB) & lover Lena (T Swinton) with Caravaggio (N Terry) painting St.John the Baptist. Cara & War Req mentioned a lot in txt. Collection of essays by various writers.  Photo by Mike Laye Caravaggio
BFI Publishing Derek Jarman: Dreams of England Michael O'Pray 96 pic: Caravaggio (N Terry & Sean with knives,fighting) ISBN 0-85170-590-1Photo by Mike Laye. Analyses "Carav", says: "SB, who plays Ranuccio, appeared in War Requiem before his acting career blossomed in television drama... and Bean form a potent trio in Caravaggio
Thames & Hudson Derek Jarman's Caravaggio - The Complete Film Script and Commentaries Derek Jarman 86 There are a number of pictures of Sean and some working notes about the film Caravaggio in the book.
ISBN 0-500-27419-3
Vintage Kicking the Pricks Derek Jarman 96 b/w pic (sword, in loin-cloth, sideways on, full body) [book originally named "The last of England"] Caravaggio
Contemporary Books (USA) The Complete James Bond Movie Encyclopaedia Steven Jay Rubin Sep 95 Mentions "Betty" TV series (never finished). Pic: headshot as R&J progBean, Sean (Sheffield, Yorkshire, 1960-  )   British actor who plays the mysterious Trevelyan (aka 006)...
... and the series Sharpe's Rifles and Betty. Hback 1st printing: 1990; Sof
Boxtree The Essential Bond Lee Pfeiffer & Dave Worrall Aut 99 pic: Sean bean as the traitorous Agent 006 (aiming gun, combat gear)(The Authorised guide to the world of 007). p171/2 pic p. 173 under 'GoldenEye'. with text: Bond Villains 006 Alec Trevelyan. 1st ed 1998; ed published 1999 ISBN 0 7522 2477 8 GoldenEye
Boxtree The Making of GoldenEye Garth Pearce 95 Lots of behind-the-scenes info as well as some comments by & pictures of Sean. GoldenEye
Seaspite Publishing British Television Locations Guide Steve Clark about filming, house used, locations on Isle of Wight etc; half pageSeaspite Publishing, 58-60 St James's Road; Southsea, Hampshire, PO5 4HY.
ISBN 0 9521962 04
Lady Chatterley
Hutchinson Fire Over England Ken Russell 93 There is a small mention of Sean and some trivia about the making of "Lady Chatterley" in the book. Lady Chatterley
Glasgow Citizen's Theatre The Citizens' Company 1979-1985 no ISBN, no publisher; no front cover title (just pic)Last Days - 2 pages cast/crew info; 6 pages pix from production. Sean is identifiable in only 1. Rosenkavalier - 2 pages cast/crew info; 4 pages pix from production. Can't see Sean in any - because e Last Days of Mankind/Rosenkav
Harper Collins Lord of the Rings - Official Movie Guide Brian Sibley Nov 2001 pix: SB as Boromir, several.ISBN 0-00-711909-7. Very nice hardback with many colour photos. £16.99 Lord of the Rings
Harper Collins LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring - Insider's Guide Brian Sibley Nov 2001 pix: SB as BoromirISBN 0-00-713194-1. Paperback with some colour photos. Lord of the Rings
Harper Collins LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring - Photo Guide Brian Sibley Nov 2001 pix: SB as Boromir, severalISBN 0-00-713272-7. Nice paperback with colour photos. Lord of the Rings
Harper Collins LOTR - The Fellowship of the Ring - Visual Companion Jude Fisher Nov 2001 pix: SB as Boromir, severalISBN 0-00-711624-1. Nice hardback with lots of colour photos. RRP £14.99 Lord of the Rings
RSC Publications Royal Shakespeare Company 1985/86 1986/87 Peter Harlock 1987 complete record of 2 year's work (pics Sean, RJ, Fair Maid, MSND) ISBN 1 869985 02 8 Romeo & Juliet
Salamander Books(London) Shakespeare in Performance ed Keith Parsons/Pamela Mason 1995 ISBN 0-86101-750-1distributed by Random House
Pic of Sean on p.192 (same pic that's on the R&J Theatre website)
Romeo & Juliet
Cambridge University Press Players of Shakespeare 2 86 ed Russell Jackson & Robert Smallwood ISBN 0-521-33338-5Article by Niamh Cusack, discussing her role as Juliet in the 1986 RSC production. The essay includes 2 photos. 1 of Niamh as Juliet and 1 of Sean as Romeo (p. 121-135). Romeo & Juliet (Stratford)
Gale Research Inc Shakespearean Criticism Vol 2 Sandra Williamson & Stephen Barnard 90 ISBN 0083-9123 Romeo & Juliet (Stratford)
Oxford University Press 40 Years of British Television Jane Harbord & Jeff Wright 96 b/w Pic (Mellors). List programmes from 1936-1995.Sean appears in pic (Mellors) on page 124, under heading 'Lady Chatterley's
Lover', but Sharpe and AWG are mentioned.
Also, coincidentally, on same page, TV news - about Joanne Whalley-Kilmer
to star
Sean Bean
Transworld Publishers Appassionata Jilly Cooper 96 page 614. ISBN 0593 038614'And here comes the sexiest man' squeaked Nellie in excitement. 'Rupert Campbell-Black? He's already taken,' said Clare, not bothering to look round. 'Nope' 'Sean Bean?' 'Nope' Sean Bean
Oxford Univ Press British Television - An illustrated Guide (BFI) 96 Sean mentioned, what film & TV appearances, 1993 etc.,£14.99. BFI (British Film Institute book). Sean Bean
Collins Crime Clean Break Val McDermid 1995 mystery novel about Manchester based PI called Kate Brannigan. Sean mention p 47"Are you free this evening?" I pretended to think. Let's face it, I'd have turned down Mel Gibson,Sean Bean, Lynford Christie and Daniel Day Lewis for dinner with Michael Ha Sean Bean
Little, Brown & Co Derek Jarman Tony Peake Nov 99 col pic: SB posing for Caravaggio - Lena gets given the dress. (DJ Bio about £20)DJ filmed RADA prodn of 'Waiting for Waiting for Godot' - not sure if behind the scenes film. Where DJ 1st came across Sean. Film: 'The Garden' DJ originally wanted Ruper Sean Bean
Arrunden Associates It's Nothing Personal John Stoddart Jun 97 pic: (Sean/Citroen/Battersea Power Stn) ISBN 09521638-3-7 pbak £9.95 (in p 6/98)Size: 30cm. 74. 62ill. Paperback. HARDBACK (cloth): ISBN 0-9521638-4-5 Jun 1997. £33.00 (in print at 6/98) Sean Bean
Coronet Books Kiss Chase Finona Walker 95 contemporary fiction - Sean mentioned re: a character's obsession ISBN0 340 63515 0"I'll burn all your sketch-pads, your murder notes and your signed photograph of Sean Bean if you're not back here by eight." . She found Phoebe washing up in floods of te Sean Bean
Century Modern Nature - the Journals of Derek Jarman Derek Jarman 91 Talking about Sean playing 'Christ' in the film, The Garden, in Nov 89It says Sean was offered some religious part but turned it down because his parents were Jehovahs Witnesses. Sean Bean
Dazed Books Peep World John Stoddart Jun 04 pic: Sean Bean, actor, London.ISBN 1-904688-03-9. 198 pages (June 2004). Collection of photographs, mix of erotic images to portraits... page 73, (Sean smoking cigarette, looking down, walking). Sean Bean
Quinlan's Film Stars Quinlan's Film Stars David Quinlan Quinlan's Illustrated Directory of Film Stars.ISBN 0 7134 77512
£22.50 B T Batsford, London.
Sean Bean
Piatkus Books Sean Bean - the Biography Laura Jackson 19 Oct 2000 pic:(several). incl. font coverHardcover - 224 pages (19 October, 2000) ISBN: 0749921501. On amazon website 25 May 2000. Unpublished photos: Rotherham Rep; Athelstan School; SB etc., WSC; Sean Bean
Vision Sex Symbols Donna Leigh Kile 99 ISBN 1-901250-15-6Actor Sean Bean, for instance, is regarded as a sex symbol in the British TV series Sharpe, Bean wears very tight-fitting black trousers... But Bean's sex appeal is inextricably bound up with the role of Sharpe... Vision pbak Satin Publ Sean Bean
Century Smiling in Slow Motion Derek Jarman May 00 DJ diary. check for any mention of Sean when published.Hardback, 352pp. £16.99. Starts in 1991; no pix of Sean, text not checked yet (no index) Sean Bean
Spotlight Spotlight 98/99 ed pic: (SB) p 173 Sean Bean
Weidenfield & Nicolson Stage People Roger Lewis 89 ISBN 0 297 79212 1. Sean in Caravaggio, and also a bit about Bogdanov's production of Romeo & Juliet that Sean starred in. Sean Bean
Blades Business Crew Strictly Fists & Style (p123) Steve Cowens Apr 2001 Milo Books. SB mentioned, p. 132. "A few other blades were there, including Mr Movie Star 100% Blade Sean Bean. He was with his mates from Handsworth..." (Book about soccer hooliganism) Sean Bean
Ashgrove Press The Famous Rainbow Recipe Book Tony Head & Sarah Fisher 95 pic: (old PR photo) Sean Bean's Complete Sunday Roastor Chicken in Red Pesto Sauce (p 74). ALso Mel Hill recipe on p. 125.ISBN 1-85398-076-5; paperback, 128 pages Sean Bean
John Brown Publishing Viz On The Bone - The Beefiest Bits of Issues 76-81 Sep 98 Annual - £8.99(Sean/hairdresser spread in colour; p 8, 9, 16, 17, as per mag Feb-Mar 1996). ISBN 1 902 212 010 Sean Bean
TV Times/Boxtree Who’s Who on Television Anthony Hayward 96 Lists TV/Films Sean’s done, sml b/w pic ISBN 0 7522 1067 X£9.99 Sean Bean
Kindaieigasya Beautiful Young Nobles in British Film (translation from Japanese title) Edited by Screen editorial staff Jul 89 Pic of Sean (from Stormy Monday),and mention about Caravaggio, Romeo in RSC, War Requiem, Stormy Monday and
Small Zones. Page 71. ISBN 4-7648-1601-6 C0074-P2000E
Sean Bean/other
Oxford University Press Macbeth (Oxford School Shakespeare) William Shakespeare, Roma Gill (Editor Jul 04 front cover pic from Macbeth.ISBN 0198321465. 156 pages (July 2004). Used for GCSE's 2004, Oxford School Shakespeare is an acclaimed edition especially designed for students... Sean Bean/Macbeth
Mainstream Publishing On Location... The Film Fan's Guide to Britain & Ireland Brian Pendreigh 95 pic: (Richard Harris)The Field, Lady Chatterley, Stormy Monday, Patriot Games, Black Beauty, E Riddleston Hall mentioned under Wuthering Heights (Sharpe's Justice). Lots of text but no pix of Sean.
ISBN 1 85158 729 2
Sean Bean/several
Juma Blades Tales Matthew Bell 2000 compliation of supporters stories, anecdotesMixing with the stars... It's not every day you get to the world premiere of a major new film... ISBN 1 872204 70 8 Sean Bean/SUFC/WSC
Carlton Books Sharpe's Story - The Making of a Hero Rachel Murrell 96 The official inside story of the award-winning drama series. Contains pictures and behind the scenes stories about the Sharpe series. Sharpe Series
Carlton Books Sharpe's Victory - The Story of a Hero's Triumph Rachel Murrell 23 May 97 Follow up to Sharpe's Story, additional material on Series VThe complete guide to the award-winning ITV action-drama series.
Additional material Series V: 32 extra pages on Sharpe's Revenge, Justice, Waterloo.
Sharpe Series
Pengiun Books My First Movie Stephen Lowenstein Nov 02 Mike Figgis talks about Sean in "Stormy Monday". ISBN 0-14-200220-820 Celebrated Directors Talk About Their First Film. Page 279... story contain any autobiographical elements? p283... that Tim [Roth] was not pretty p290... scene in a bar p293.. I' Stormy Monday
RSC/Methuen The Fair Maid of the West 87 ISBN 0-413-40580-X. 2 pics Sean. Combined prog/words by Thomas Heywood. The Fair Maid of the West
Dramatic Publishing Co The Fair Maid of the West ISBN 0-87129-593-8 by Thomas Heywood. (Same as other book, diff cover?) Woodstock, USA.
$5.00 USD. Words only.
The Fair Maid of the West
Scarecrow Press Power in the Eye Terry Byrne 97 ISBN 0-8108-3296-8 The Field
Glasgow Citizen's Theatre The Citizens' Company 1979-1985 85 no ISBN, no publisher; no front cover title (just pic)Last Days - 2 pages cast/crew info; 6 pages pix from prodn. Sean identifiable 1 only. Rosenkavalier - 2 pages cast/crew info; 4 pages pix from prodn. Can't see Sean in any - as everyone's wearing mas The Last Days of Mankind/Rosenkavalier
Michael Joseph Vicar of Dibley - The great big Companion to Dibley Richard Curtis & P Mayhew-Archer Nov 2000 ISBN 0-718-14475-9Photo & small line drawings incl. small drawing of him re: text rushing into church; Sean & Dawn French in costumes of the wedding dream 'the perfect couple" (taken specially). On back: 'fan of Sean Bean' in the description of 'the vi Vicar of Dibley
Faber & Faber Ltd War Requiem - The Film Derek Jarman Feb 90 2 pics - front cover wreath (col) and p43 - trumpet (b/w). ISBN 0-571-14115-3. Size: 22cm. 50. 17ill. Paperback
Faber and Faber: Feb 1990. £5.99 (in print at 12/98)
Photograph by David Bramley,1989
War Requiem
Constable The Last of England: Derek Jarman Derek Jarman 87 (contains pictures from War Requiem and Caravaggio)Caravaggio: Sean Bean (full length shot, with sword/loin cloth)
ISBN 0 09 4680808 9
War Requiem/Caravaggio




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