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BBC Sean Bean stars as Andy McNab in Bravo Two Zero 23 Dec 98
Daily Mail Film: Saddam in Upington Oct 3, 97
Hollywood Reporter 'Zero' to Icon for international output Kik Honeycutt Wed Sep 17 97
Johannesburg Star (S Africa) Film on Gulf War debacle will be shot in South Africa Jul 97
Mail on Sun Night & Day Mission accomplished Stan Hey 10 Jan 99
Press Assoc News SAS Author trains Actor Bean Aug 11, 97
Radio Times Terrorists know who I've killed. I'm an easy target 2-8 Jan 99
Reuters/Variety Film Of Gulf War Best-Seller To Be Made In South Africa Wed Jul 30, 97
Reuters/Variety Gulf War Picture To Start In South Africa Bryan Pearson Tues Jul 29, 97
Satellite Times What's On - Behind enemy lines Sep 98
Screen Africa News Iraq in Upington Oct 97 Gulf War film to be shot in SA 30 Jul 97 Sean Bean Stars in New SA Produced Film Aug 14, 97 Tent Camps allow Access to all areas 12 Oct 97
Soldier My Army - From sabres to Scuds/fc Sean Bean Reluctant Soldier Feb 99
Sunday Mirror Wham Pram! Oct 26 97
The News Why hero went for the lowest bidder Steve Pratt Thur Dec 31, 98
The Sun The Bean Machine Thurs Sep 25, 97
The Times Features Grace Bradberry Fri 1 Jan 99
The Times Mag Go tell it to the feds Robert Crampton 8 Nov 97
TV & Satellite Week Who writes wins 2-8 Jan 99
TV Times Sun Baked Bean! (On location) 24-30 Jan 98
Variety Gulf War picture to start in South Africa Bryan Pearson Jul 29, 97
Variety South Africa - Film starts weather the great lull of '98/region regroups Bryan Pearson Nov 2-8, 98
What's On TV Drama - New - Soldier, Soldier/fc Sean Bean is brave in B2Z 2-8 Jan 99


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