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Art in America Cinema - Love Story Lynne Tillman Jan 87
Art News The Vasari Diary - Caravaggio: The Movie Richard B Woodward Nov 86
Film Review F Maurice Speed 86-7
Film Review Close Up Jun 86
Films & Filming B Baxter Apr 86
Films & Filming The Making of a Dream: Location Report M. Prendergast 27-30 Jan 86
Hartford Courant Caravaggio on the Atheneum's Silver Screen 4 Jun, 98
Monthly Film Bulletin Feature Films - Caravaggio M Finch Apr 86
Motion Picture Guide J R Taylor 87
Newsweek A Bold, Quirky 'Caravaggio' Edward Behe 5 May, 86
Sight & Sound Love among the waxworks J R Taylor Spr 86
Sunday Times Apr 27, 86
The Listener Cinema: Real Lives C Sigal May 8, 86
The Times Apr 25, 86
The Times Literary Sup Apr 25, 86
Variety Berlin Festival Feb 26, 86
Washington Post Movies: 'Caravaggio' The Mangling of a Master Paul Attanasio Thur Oct 23, 86




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