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Hats off to batty & beautiful Lady C 93
Lady C - BBC tone down lover for TV Alexander u 93
Lady C's Garden of Eden Maureen Paton Jun 93
Mellors & Lady C look to USA ?93
Sexual promise sells Ken Russell's new TV Johnathan Cooper Sum 93
Too much Chatterley but there's sex on the way Jun 93
(a Sunday mag) What's love without sex Robin Eggar May 93
Broadcast Denton shake-up begins 11 Jun 93
Daily Express Lady C's isle of Porn Robert McGowan 24 Jun 93
Daily Express Ladylike Chatterley Maureen Paton 7 Jun 93
Daily Express The earthy Lady Chatterley/fc LC love scenes we've all waited for Fri 11 Jun 93
Daily Express You're far too rough, Mellors Express Reporter 13 Aug 93
Daily Mail Letting sex call the shots Marcus Berkmann 19 Jun 93
GQ Service with a smile Anthony Quinn Jun 83
Manchester Evening News Joely turns the other cheek Stuart Giles May Jun 93
Mirror TV Weekly Joely's Game for her keeper/fc No way to treat a Lady Sue Malins 5-11 Jun 93
New York Newsday Liz Smith Mar 31, 93
Radio Times No Way To Treat A Lady/fc I am Lady Chatterley's Lover Brian James 5-11 Jun 93
Sheffield Star Charles Smith 13 Mar 96
Sheffield Star (Star News - background) John Highfield 13 May 93
Sunday Times Porn Yesterday - Lady Chatterley Story Elaine Feinstein Jun 6, 93
Sunday Times Wayward Nobility Craig Brown 13 Jun, 93
Sunday Times Mag Comment on career actress who plays leading role 27 Jun 93
The People TV First Tricky art of losing Lady C's knickers/fc Bean Meanz Sex Graeme Kay 5-11 Jun 93
The Sun Fury at Lady Chatterley sexiest TV scenes ever Jun 93
The Sun TV Guide Joely daring but not very sexy/I've never Bean a bit of rough Karen Hockney 5 Jun 93
The Times BBC rebuked over Lady Chatterley sex Jamie Dettmer 13 Aug 93
The Times BBC tones down Chatterley's lover for the adult audience 10 Mar 93
The Times Broadcasting Standards Council criticises sex scenes Aug 13, 93
The Times Report hopes TV serialisation will be more successful than book 7 Jun 93
The Times Literary Sup Jul 2, 93
The Times Literary Sup Coal Comfort, Tame Sex John Worthen July 2, 93
The Times Literary Sup NB note 18 Jun 93
The Times Literary Sup Report - NB note 5 Jun 93
The Times Mag Why the Lady Was Not for Turning Ken Taylor Jun 5, 93
The Times Weekend Sup Shoots bring new breed of gamekeeper Deirdre Shields Sat 18 Oct 97
TV Quick I had a Joely good time!/fc Lady Chatterley's bit of rough 5-11 Jun 93
Weekeinde Niets verhullende erotiek (Eroticism with nothing to hide) 12 Jun
What's On TV Country Loving 5-11 Jun 93


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