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Associated Press 'Don't Say a Word' Disappoints CHRISTY LEMIRE 26 Sept 2001
Calgary Sun War of Word generates thrills Louis B Hobson 28 Sept 2001
Chicago Sun Times Don't Say A Word Roger Ebert 28 Sept 2001
Chicago Tribune Don't Say A Word Michael Wilmington 28 Sept 2001
CNN "Don't Say a Word" may be a case of the right movie coming along at the 28 Sept 2001
Daily Express OK! Express - Sean Bean - new movie with Michael Douglas 3 Apr 2001
Dark Horizons Headlines Friday, March 30th 2001 30 Mar 2001
Express It's Bean the bad guy 6 Dec 2000
Film Review Fantasy Special 2002 Preview Dec 01 spl #37
Guardian Breaking the Michael John Patterson 2 Oct 2001
Hello 18 Oct 2001
Hollywood Reporter Don't Say a Word Kirk Honeycutt 24 Sept 2001
Hollywood Reporter Janssen playing Douglas' wife in 'Word' Zorianna Kit 8 Dec 2000
Hollywood Reporter 'Word' silences its rivals as marketplace picks up Roger Cels 2 Oct 2001
Los Angeles Times Strong Lead Performances Lift Suspenseful 'Don't Say a Word' Kevin Thomas 28 Sept 2001
Minneapolis Star Tribune Do tell: 'Word' proves chilling Colin Covert 28 Sept 2001
mymovies Bean to co-star with Douglas 5 Dec 2000
New York Times Movies 28 Sept 2001
OK OK! News in Focus - Sean Bean Apr 13 01
Popcorn By 'Eck I Am Bad! 5 Dec 2000
Popcorn Michael Dumps Catherine! 8 Dec 2000
Teletext X-man Janssen signs up 8 Dec 2000
This is Essex Bean to be mean in new movie 6 Dec 2000
Toronto Sun Douglas team gets it right Bob Thompson Mar 29 01
Toronto Sun Suffering in silence Bruce Kirkland 28 Sept 2001
Total Film Rough Cut Pre-Production - Don't Say A Word Mar 01
Variety Dish: Disney Quest for Camelot 5 Dec 2000
Variety Trio of pics could boost beleaguered box office Carl DiOrio 28 Sept 2001
Variety ''Word'' is out: Kidnap thriller short on heart Todd McCarthy 24 Sept 2001
Washington Post The Muddled Makings Of a Thriller Stephen Hunter 28 Sept 01


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