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Film Reviews David Aldridge 91
American Film Pluck of the Irish Stephan Talty Sep 90
Box Office Dec 90
Chicago Sun Times 3 Jan 91
Chicago Sun Times Roger Ebert 1 Mar 91
Christian Science Monitor Freeze Frames Jan 4, 91
Empire Apr 91
Empire Local Heroes Mar 91
Empire The Field Mar 91
Film Review David Aldridge Feb 91
Film Review Releases of the Year F Maurice Speed 91-2
Film Reviews The Field David Aldridge Feb 91
Flicks Jan 91
Hollywood Reporter Dec 13, 90
Irish Times Sorry, I'll say that again Nuala Haughey Fri Mar 28, 97
Los Angeles Mag Films Dec 90
Los Angeles Press Telegraph Feb 9, 91
Los Angeles Times 'Field' Strewn With Symbolism Peter Rainer 20 Dec 90
Los Angeles Times Sheridan Takes a Hard Look at Irish 'Troubles' Dec 31, 90
Magill's Cinema Annual ed Frank Magill 91
Monthly Film Bulletin The Field /fc Nigel Floyd Mar 91 vol 58
Motion Picture Guide Annual 91
National Catholic Reporter Two films about various hungers of the heart Joseph Cunneen Jan 11, 91
New York Times 'The Field' A fable about a Little Bit of Ireland Vincent Canby Dec 23, 90
Premiere Feb 91
San Francisco Chronicle Richard Harris' Tough Irishman Has a Lust for Land Judy Stone Jan 11, 91
Screen International Reviews 13-19 Oct 90
Seven Gables Movie Guide Coming Jan 25th Jan 13-Mar30, 91
Variety Sep 17, 90
Variety Toronto Film festival review Rich. Mon Sep 17, 90
Village Voice Jack O'Riot Mark Fleischmann Jan 1, 91
Vox Robyn Karney Apr 91
Washington Post New on tape Rita Kempley Thur Oct 31, 91
Washington Post Reviews: 'The Field' of Blarney Rita Kempley Fri Jan 25, 91


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