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Outrageous allegations: Liv at Moria? May 25 2000
Associated Press At the Movies: `Lord of the Rings' David Germain 18 Dec 01
Chicago Sun Times Shiny 'Ring' isn't quite flawless Roger Ebert 19 Dec 01
Chicago Tribune Movie review, 'Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring' Michael Wilmington 18 Dec 01
Comic-Con Gandalf storms through Comic-Con 2000! Quickbeam 23 July 2000
Daily Express Fans flock to see Tolkien trailer Mark Jagasia Thur 20 Jun 2000
Daily Express The fantasy world where Sir Ian has a wizzard time Mark Jagasia Oct 25 2000
Daily Express Wizard party as Hobbits take on Harry Shamim Chowdhury Sat May 12, 01
Daily Telegraph Weekend website 20 Jan 01
Daily Telegraph Why Frodo may be more than a match for Harry David Gritten 6 Jan 01
Dreamwatch The Lord of the rings Jenny Cooney Carrillo Jan 2002 iss 88
Dreamwatch The Lord of the Rings Jenny Cooney Carrillo Feb 02
E! Online Conquering Cannes, Mining Moria and Partying at Hobbit Height Lael Loewenstein May 15 2001
E! Online Lord of the Rings Takes Cannes 12 May 2001
Empire Future films Jan 2001
Empire Future Films - Front Row top 20 Apr 2001
Empire Hobbit holiday! Jul 2001
Empire In the Works Oct 97
Empire The Lord of the Rings Ian Nathan Dec 01
Empire Online LOTR - It's Official 8 Oct 99
Film Review Fantasy Special 2002 Preview Dec 01 spl #37
Film Review Fantasy Special Completely Elf-Centred Dec 01 spl #37
FilmForce IGN Sean Bean Talks Lord of the Rings Paul Davidson 8 May 2001
Flicks Hot! A-Z L is for Lord of the Rings Jun 2000
Guardian Excess Baggins Peter Bradshaw 14 Dec 01
Hollywood Reporter Fellowship of celebs, fans, brass at 'Rings' premiere Stuart Kemp 11 Dec 01
Hollywood Reporter Film Shorts Mon Sep 20, 99
Hollywood Reporter Films in Preparation Mar 23-29, 99 29 Aug 2000
ITV Teletext Sean Bean in Lord of the Rings 13 Sep 99
Mail on Sunday Caught in the Act 20 May 01
Mail on Sunday Sean's Bean cast as lord of the ring Chris Brandes Sun Sep 12, 99
Mirror Move over Harry.. here come the £300m hobbits - Films in Xmas battle Thomas Quinn Mon 14 May 01
Movie Headlines net Sean Bean Talks LOTR 18 Jul 2000
National Post Online (Canada Lured by the rings 10 Jan 01
Nelson Mail Creatures and crew emerge for greasies 31 Aug 2000
New Line Cinema Press release - LOTR to begin principal photography in New Zealand Oct 7 99
New York Times A Heroic Quest Through Middle-Earth Elvis Mitchell Dec 01
New Zealand Listener Lord of the Deals Oct 21-27 00
News of the World Bad for your Elf Louise Oswald Sun 26 Jan 01
Observer Mordor, he wrote Neil Spencer 9 Dec 01
OK The Lord of the Rings 6 Dec 2001
Otago Daily Times Black Riders drop in for a battle in Arrowtown Kerry Williamson 31 Aug 2000
Popcorn Sean Spills Beans On 'LOTR' 17 Jul 2000
Queensland Courier-Mail Meet Me In Middle Earth Garth Pearce 29 Aug 2000
Reuters/Variety ''Lord of the Rings'' film faces Tolkien fans Patrick Rizzo 11 Dec 01
San Francisco Examiner One, ringy-dingy Jeffrey M. Anderson 19 Dec 01 Bean Challenged By Rings 19 Jul 2000
SFX Hobbit Forming Nigel Floyd Jan 2002
SFX The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (supplement) Spr 2001
SFX The once and future ring Dave Golder Dec 01
SFX Fantasy Special Who shot JRR? Dec 2001
Sheffield Star Good lord, action man Bean is killed off by gobblins! John Highfield 7 Sep 2000
Starburst Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand Ian Spelling Jan 2002 iss 281
Starlog Fantasy Worlds Making the Lord of the Rings Ian Spelling Feb 2002
Sunday Times Hobbits go to Hollywood Richard Brooks Sun May 13, 01
Sunday Times mag The Hobbit of a Lifetime Andrew O'Hehir 25 Nov 2001
Telegraph If you don't like this, you don't like movies Andrew O'Hagan 14 Dec 01
Telegraph Move over Harry, there's a new blockbuster in the Ring Hugh Davies 4 Dec 2001
Telegraph Tolkien's ideals come shining through/How fantasy became reality Tim Robey 11 Dec 01

The Age (Australia) Lord of the Rings wows Cannes Stepahnie Bunbury 13 May 2001
The Press The lure of the rings Bruce Holloway 29 Apr 2000
The Sun Hobbit of all right/New £140m movie is Hobbit of all right (web) Mark Bowness 17 Feb 2001
The Times Off to see the wizards Barbara Ellen 20 Dec 01
TheOneRing Bean Article in UK Chris Brandes 12 Sep 99
TheOneRing Fernside Lodge Shoot Ringer Spy Andre 8 Jul 2000
TheOneRing Mad Movies Magazine (fc/Sean) May 2000 #125
TheOneRing Spy Reports (TheOneRing - Sean/Boromir) May 25 2000
This is London Lord of the Oscars Christopher Tookey Dec 01
Tolkien Online McKellen, Lee, John Rhys-Davies Interview 14 May 2001
TolkienOnline Beren Answers Our Questions About The Films! Thur Jan 4 2001
Toronto Sun Internet: Lords of the Net Derek Tse 20 May 01
Toronto Sun Lord of the Big Screen Bruce Kirkland 23 Sept 01
Total Film 2001 Preview Special - behind the scenes/Cate Blanchett on-set interview Apr 2001
Total Film One Ring Dan Jolin & Matt Mueller Jan 2002
TV Times Set Shots - Lord of the Rings 29 July 2000
Xpose Xpose Movie Special The Lord of the Rings Dec 2001 iss 62
Yahoo New Line Verifies Approximately 1.7 Million Downloads Apr 10 2000


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