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American Cinematographer Playing for Keeps: Patriot Games Ron Magid Jun, 92
Chicago Sun Times Roger Ebert 5 Jun 92
Chicago Sun Times Roger Ebert 6 May 95
Chicago Tribune Deadly `Games' Clancy novel dispatched in brutal fashion Dave Kehr Jun 5, 92
Christian Science Monitor Patriot Games plays with serious subjects David Sterritt Jun 22, 92
Empire Front desk - Bad Fellas Oct 92
Empire The Spy who came in from the Cold Oct 92
Entertainment Weekly Movie reviews Owen Gleiberman Jun 5, 92
Film Comment Noyce's On Jim Emerson Jul 92
Film Review Anwar Brett Oct 92
Film Review Ford's Game/fc Harrison Ford on PG Oct 92
Film Review Yearbook Anwar Brett 92 sp#1
Films in Review Film Reviews Robert Pardi Jul-Aug 92
Flicks The target of terror fights back/the virtue of relity/lifting the veil Sep 92
Hollywood Reporter Patriot Games Duane Byrge Jun 3, 92
Los Angeles Times The 'Games' Tough Guys Play Kenneth Turan Jun 5, 92
Magill's Cinema Annual ed Frank Magill 93
National Review From Paramilitary to Paraplegic John Simon Jul 20, 92
New Musical Express 26 Feb 92
New Republic Books & the Arts - Films - Foreign Affairs Stanley Kauffmann Jul 13, 92
New York Mag Movies - Same Old Stuff David Denby Jun 8, 92
New York Times Fear and Loathing on the Trail of Evil in a New World Jun 5, 92
New Yorker The current Cinema: To the rescue Terrence Rafferty Jun 15, 92
Newsweek Movies - Of Carnage and Comedy David Ansen Jun 8, 92
Northern Echo Big screen snarls Maureen Fairley 25 Sep 92
Premiere I Spy Nancy Griffin Aut 92
Premiere (US) I Spy Nancy Griffin Jun 1, 92
Sheffield Star 30 Sep 92
Sight & Sound Reviews - Patriot Games Geoffrey Macnab Sep 92
Time Mag Cinema: The menace is missing Richard Schickel Jun 8, 92
Time Mag Review - Patriot Games Richard Schickel Jun 8, 92
Variety Jun 3, 92
Variety Jun 8, 92
Virgin Film Guide (2nd) 93-94
Washington Post Chess-paced thriller/Ford in Patriot Games Hal Hinson Fri, Jun 5, 92
Washington Post Patriot Games: Summer Fair Desson Howe Jun 5, 92
Washington Post Summer Fair Desson Howe Fri Jun 5, 92
Washington Post The Old Ford, Back in Action/Harrison Ford, the Every-Hero Carla Hall Fri, Jun 5, 92





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