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On Film: Something Old and Something New Julie Salamon
Chicago Magazine Music is the Massage Penelope Mesic Jul 88
Chicago Sun Times Melanie Griffith puts heart into `Stormy Monday' Roger Ebert 5 Aug 88
Chicago Sun Times Stormy Monday Roger Ebert 5 Jun 88
Chicago Tribune Stormy Monday can't weather pretension Dave Kehr May 12 88
Cosmopolitan (US?) May 88
Film Review F Maurice Speed 89-90
Film Review Jan 89
Film Review Off-Set - Films in production Oct 87
Film Review Stormy Monday David Aldridge Jan 89
Films & Filming Jan 89
International Film Guide ed Peter Cowie 89
Los Angeles Mag Stormy Monday - Tuesday-Morning quarterbacking May 88
Los Angeles Times Bluesy Thrills in 'Monday' Sheila Benson Apr 29, 88
Magill's Cinema Annual ed Frank Magill 89
Motion Picture Guide 89
New York Times Haunting Foursome in a Web of Menace Janet Maslin Apr 22, 88
People Mag (US) Picks & pans Ralph Novak May 9, 88
Premiere Peter Rainer May 88
Roger Ebert's Video Companio Jul 96
Variety Apr 20, 88
Video Review Jim Farber Jan 89
Video Times Jul 89
Wall Street Journal On Film: Something Old and Something New Julie Salamon Apr 21, 88
Washington Post Rita Kempley May 13, 88
Washington Post New on tape Rita Kempley Thur Nov 24, 88
Washington Post Ode to Romance Rita Kempley Jan 22, 89
Washington Post On Screen: 'Stormy' nights and baffling biz blitz Desson Howe Fri May 13, 88
Washington Post Popular videos: Ode to Romance Jim Farber Sun Jan 22, 89
Washington Post The Fear & The Dear: 'Stormy Monday' more sting than bite Rita Kempley Fri May 13, 88


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