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Daily Mail Heroes on an epic scale Christopher Tookey 14 May 04
Daily Mirror Which Troy Boy is your man? Clare Goldwin 13 May 04
Daily Star Troy Story Ross Kaniuk 30 Apr 04
Daily Star Troy Story/fc Troy Boy Ross Kaniuk 30 Apr 04
Film Review Sean of the Med June 04
Guardian-Friday Review The never ending story Saffron Burrows 30 Apr 04
London Evening Standard Ye gods! Troy gets panned in Cannes Lech Mintowt-Czyz Fri 14 May 04
Mirror Ticket mag Tainted Love/The Face that launched/Blood, Sweat and Tease Kevin O'Sullivan May 21-27, 2004
My Weekly gossip gossip gossip - Alive and Kicking Jun 12 04 No. 4722
News of the World Sun Mag Bean there done that Karen Hockney 16 May 04
Sheffield Star Mexican jumping Bean! 10 Mar 04
Sheffield Star Sean's just desert... 10 Apr 04
Sunday Times Culture Let battle commence Edward Porter 16 May 04
The Times Greek epic lays siege to the senses James Christopher 14 May 04
Time Troy Story Josh Tyrangiel May 24, 2004
Total Film Blood on the sand Fred Schruers June 04
West End Extra (London) My big fat Greek war epic/ full page ad Previews Fri 14 May 2004


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