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First outing for Bean Blades film John Highfield ?27 Feb 96
If this is football I'm a Yorkshireman Feb 96
Sean Scores Again
Sheffield Premiere Feb 96
Soccer star role was tailor-made for Sean 96
Daily Express Own Goals Scored 96
Daily Express? Feb 96?
Daily Variety Film Reviews Derek Elley Tue Mar 26, 96
Empire Sep 96
Empire New Films Neil Jeffries Apr 96
Film Review Sep 96
Film Review May 96
Film Review Film Reviews James Cameron-Wilson Apr 96
Film Review Picture Paradise Anwar Brett Apr 96
Film Review Review Anwar Brett Apr 96
Film Review Yearbook 96/97
Film Review Yearbook Film Reviews James Cameron-Wilson 96-7 sp#17
Flicks Ian Soutar Mar 96
Flicks Dream team Mar 96
Four Four Two Chris England - Suspending disbelief is all very well... May 96
Guardian What a big girl's blouse Feb 29, 96
Hello Minty Clinch Mar 9, 96
Hot Press review 20 Mar 96
Hot Press The Lad's Done Well Craig Fitzsimmons 20 Mar 96
Hull Daily Mail All bean done before Liz Howell Mar 1, 96
Mail on Sunday Out With the Lads?/I'd Rather Play for Sheffield United Kim Willsher Feb 25, 96
Mirror (Screen) I've Scored for United/fc Bean shoots a winner Richard Wallace 29 Feb 96
Mirror (Screen) Sean strikes home Feb 29, 96
News of the World Bean and the Lads are Home and Dry Jonathan Ross Mar 3, 96
Premiere Mar 96
Premiere Sep 96
Press Assoc News Bean There, Seen It, Done It Lisa Salmon 27 Feb 96
Q Opens March Apr 96
Reuters/Variety When Saturday Comes has strong cast, small story Derek Elley Tue Mar 26, 96
Satellite Times Football Crazy John Mosby Aug 97
Sheffield City Press Sheffield Bean Feast Adrian Digby Feb 96
Sheffield Hallam Uni Bulletin When Saturday Comes - world charity premier Feb 96
Sheffield Star Have my prayers Bean answered by Sean? Sat Sep 2, 95
Sheffield Star Saturday is a big day for Sheffield John Highfield Mon Feb 26 96
Sheffield Star Sean's Playing in the Dream League Wed Feb 28 96
Sheffield Star The night Sheffield went to the movies/fc That's My Boy! M Dawes & John Highfield Wed Feb 28 96
Sheffield Telegraph Sean puts accent on Bean Ian Soutar 23 Feb 96
Sight & Sound Reviews - When Saturday Comes Robert Yates Mar 96
The Weekly News Soccer star role was tailor-made for Sean Feb 3, 96
Total Football Bean There, Done That Mar 96, issue 7
TV & Satellite Week Blade runner/fc Kick off! on Sky Movies 9-15 Aug 97
UK News Sean Bean played in front of home team during filming 1st Mar 96
Wirrall Weekender On the Ball Philip Cunnington Mar 6, 96
Yorkshire Evening Post Sean strikes again! John Mosby 5 Mar 96
Yorkshire Evening Post? Sean's new film is a dream come true Rob Scott Feb 96
Yorkshire Post A soccer beanfeast for the steel city heart-throb 21 Dec 94
Yorkshire Post The player who is a hero and a villain Phil Penfold 22 Jan 95


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