Sheffield Employment Bond

Last Update: 26 February 1999

Hundreds of Sheffield people from around the world - including Sean Bean and celebrity millionaire Richard Branson - have agreed to back the Sheffield Employment Bond (SEB) project, a bold new plan to invest cash in the future of Sheffield with the aim of creating jobs, building houses and setting up businesses across the city.

More than £500,000 has been pledged to the scheme, with the aim of raising £3million by June 30. The SEB uses the money to bring in £5million of Government grants to create 1,000 jobs.

Sean, launching the scheme - and the first to officially sign up for a bond - said: "I am proud of my hometown and I am pleased to support the Sheffield Bond scheme and its commitment to helping the unemployed of Sheffield."

An SEB official added: "The Full Monty was about unemployed people in Sheffield trying create jobs for themselves. This is about the whole city aiming to make jobs."



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