The Book That Wrote Itself

Last Update: 14 May 2000
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The Book That Wrote Itself is a low-budget independent Irish film written, directed by and starring Irish actor Liam O Mochain.

In character as Vincent Macken, a fictional Irish film maker, O Mochain turned up at the Venice film festival and got hold of a press pass by claiming to be from Irish television. This gave him access to several press conferences, at which he stood up and posed questions such as: "Would you ever consider making a film in Ireland?"

The real-life celebrities gave their replies while O Mochain captured the scenes on camera. As a result, O Mochain obtained star cameos for his film. Since the actors were engaged in the act of promoting their own work at the time, their likenesses were public property and could be used in anything from televised news coverage to...The Book That Wrote Itself.

Sean Bean is one of the actors who unwittingly appears in this film; he was in Venice to help promote Ronin, in which he played Spence, the British weapons expert.

The Book That Wrote Itself has a website here, where more information can be found.


The Sunday Times (14 May 2000) carried an article/review about The Book That Wrote Itself in its Culture - Ireland section:

It may have seemed a good idea at the time, but The Book That Wrote Itself is a film too far for Liam O Mochain, reports GERRY McCARTHY

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