The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Boromir

Last Update: 12 January 2000
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  CAST INFORMATION SHEET - Boromir (from New Line Cinema)

BOROMIR. Human. 30-45 years old. Male. Strong, tall, thick-set. Boromir is the eldest son of Denethor, steward of Gondor. Introverted and something of a loner, he has been oppressed by a domineering and violent father. Boromir is mistrustful of others, particularly Wizards, and regularly pours scorn on Gandalf. Boromir believes in the greatness of men, but he has no real belief in himself. The more likable side of his character is brought out by the Hobbits, whom he finds very endearing. Boromir is easily swayed by the power of the Ring and under its influence he turns quite malicious. He does, however, come to see the error of his ways and very honorably redeems himself, dying a hero's death to save Merry and Pippin... MAJOR SUPPORTING ROLE. APPEARS IN PART ONE. ACCENT AMERICAN OR BRITISH. ALSO SUBMIT STAR NAMES.

Boromir (description from

Dunedain lord of Gondor. Eldest son of Denethor II, Ruling Steward of Gondor. Born in the year 2978 of the Third Age, Boromir was the tall and handsome heir to the Steward. In 3018, he valiantly lead the defence of Osgiliath against Sauron's forces. After a prophetic dream that he shared with his brother, Faramir, he made his way to the Elf-kingdom of Rivendell and became a member of the Fellowship of the Ring.

From E! Online's A (Muddy, Rainy) Day on the Set

11:07 a.m.: Hearts flutter when Sean Bean (Boromir) and Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) arrive. Most of Aragorn's outfit is concealed beneath an enormous, mud-splattered coat. The jeweled Sword of Elendil hangs from Mortensen's belt. With his rugged, unshaven features and long, greasy hair, he looks every inch the nomadic hero. Bean wears a red tunic with gold stenciling on the sleeves, chain mail, leather gloves and knee-high leather boots (obviously the new look in Middle Earth this summer) under a full-length leather coat.

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