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Press Stories:

Saddam in Upington (The Mail & Guardian, October 3, 1997)
Iraq in Upington (Southern Screen, Oct-Nov, 1997)
Film Of Gulf War Best-Seller To Be Made In South Africa (Reuters, 30 July 1997)
SAS Author Trains Actor Bean (PA, 11 August 1997)
War Stories: Andy McNab (Frontline: PBS)
Sharpe's The Man for SAS! (The People, 29 June 1997)
Evening Standard (July 3/97)
Film Of Gulf War Best-Seller To Be Made In South Africa (Reuters/Variety, July 30, 1997)
The Bean Machine (The Sun, 25 September 1997)
Bean Joins the SAS (Yorkshire Evening Post, 12 August 1997)
BBC1 Puts Faith In Modern Drama (YAHOO (Entertainment, November 30, 1998)
BBC pins hopes on Kate and chat (Evening Standard, 30 November 1998)
SAS GULF WAR DRAMA MAY BE POSTPONED ( Entertainment, 20 December 1998)
Mail on Sunday (December 20, 1998)
Sunday Times (03 January 1999)
Evening Standard (03 January 1999)
The Times (02 January 1999)
What's On TV (January 2-8, 1999)
Testing fitness regime was vital to play SAS Gulf War Hero (Nottingham Post, January 2, 1999)
Total Film Review (October 1998)
Daily Mirror Review
The Times Review (January 10, 1999)
Mail on Sunday Review (10 January 1999)
The Sun Review (January 4/99)
Evening Standard Review (31 Dec 1998)
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