Sean's Boxing Jacket

Last Update: 10 May 2003

On 12 March 2003, Sean was the judge at a charity boxing event held at
Handsworth Working Men's Club. He later acted as the "wash-down man"
for his mate Farx Fairchild, who battled organiser Glyn Rhodes in the ring.

Sean had a special Team Bean jacket made for the event, which he donated
to Dinah, a Sheffield-area resident, with the express wish that the jacket be
used to raise money for a worthy cause.
Dinah donated the jacket to her neighbour, Donna, who, in spite of a number
of serious and debilitating health problems, is keenly involved in raising money
to fund her son, Matthew, a figure-skater who has won silver in the British
Solo Championships, bronze in the British Championships, and Gold in the
Welsh Championships twice. (Matthew receives no funding from the British
Government or lottery programs).
Dinah has given Sean details of the jacket's donated purpose.
Donna auctioned the jacket on Ebay. The auction started April 27 and
ended May 7, 2003. Along with the jacket (which is signed in two places by
Sean, and which he did actually wear), a signed program from the Boxing Night
was included in the sale.
Donna raised £540.00 during the auction.







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