Bristol Cancer Help Centre Star Draws Auction

Last Update: 15 February 2003

The Auction has now closed.

Visit The Bristol Cancer Help Center Star Draws Page to see the results.

Sean's signed Sloggi pants sold for £500.00.

Bristol Cancer Help Centre are pleased to offer you the unique opportunity to own
a pair of Sloggi pants personalised by Sean Bean (or any other celebrity of your
choice from the list on their Star Draws Page).

To bid on Sean's pants, visit the Star Draws Page and click on Sean's name. The
current bid is displayed next to Sean's name and above the image.

You can also scroll down to the bottom of this page to see Sean's pants.

Star Draws is a fundraising campaign by national cancer charity the Bristol Cancer
Help Centre run in association with Sloggi.

The Star Draws auction will run from 12 noon on Tuesday January 14th until 5pm
on Friday February 14th 2003.

Bids can be made through the charity's Bidding Hotline on 0117 980 9529
(calls charged at normal international, national and local rates).

The minimum figure accepted for each individual Star Draws celebrity pair of pants
up for auction will be £50.

Pants will be sold to the highest bidders as of 5pm on Friday February 14th 2003
when the Star Draws auction will close. The charity gratefully acknowledges the
support of Bonhams Auctioneers.

Bristol Cancer Help Centre was founded in 1980 to pioneer the holistic approach to
cancer care. They run a residential therapy programme, and their courses are carefully
designed to enable people to help themselves through an integrated range of
self-help techniques and complementary therapies.

Their overriding commitment is to help people with cancer and their supporters to
transform the crisis of cancer into an opportunity to enhance quality of life, and to
help them leave the Centre re-energised and better equipped to live positively
with cancer.

They are an acknowledged leader in the field of holistic cancer care, and many
thousands of people have come from all over the UK and the world to seek their
help and advice. Their pioneering ideas have also been widely embraced by the
medical world, and there is a growing body of research evidence that supports
the "Bristol Approach".




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