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Last Update: 09 Jan 2004

Source: Sheffield Star
08 Jan 2004
Sean is a real dazzler when it comes to helping charity!

WHAT does a Sheffield gran, a famous movie star born in the city, and some
specially-designed diamond jewellery have in common?The answer is that they
are all helping in the fight against the painful bone condition osteoporosis.

Hollywood actor Sean Bean has been supporting the National Osteoporosis
Society (NOS) since his grandmother Ann Bean was nominated to take part
in bone density research at the Northern General Hospital.

Famous for his roles as 006 in the James Bond film Goldeneye and an Irish
terrorist in Patriot Games, Sean has most recently starred as Boromir in the
blockbuster Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But when he's not battling for good or evil, Sean is busy fighting for a cause
closer to home.

Grandma Ann said: "I'm very proud of Sean. Even though he's a big Hollywood
movie star he still keeps up with local charities, and even opened the Pain
Clinic at the Northern General."

Sean has now produced a series of sketches which have been used as the
designs for a range of cufflinks and earrings sold to raise money for the
NOS Dazzler Campaign.

The jewellery has been made in partnership with London-based diamond
merchants Emdico and society jewellers Blondel Cluff, and also features
designs by Elton John, Joanna Lumley and Dawn French.

NOS spokesman Nadine Singh said: "The Society is delighted that Sean Bean
is lending his support to the Dazzler Campaign, which we hope will raise
much-needed funds for the charity.

"Sean has been involved with the NOS for a number of years, helping to raise
awareness about Osteoporosis."

The NOS estimates that one in three women and one in 12 men over the age of
50 will develop the condition.

It occurs when the natural air pockets in our bones enlarge, resulting in
painful and disabling fractures, often to the wrists, spine or hips.

Sean became involved with the NOS, which supports sufferers and raises
money for treatment, after learning of the condition when Ann was nominated
to take part in medical research into the disease.

86-year-old Ann, of Yew Lane, Ecclesfield, said: "I've got strong bones for
a person of my age, so my GP nominated me to take part.

"I went to the Northern General every six months for over 10 years and
each time they took x-rays of my bones."

Ann underwent a hip replacement operation this year so is no longer able to
participate in the research programme, but both herself and Sean still fully
support to NOS.

"I've got friends with Osteoporosis and it's a terrible condition, really painful,"
she said.

For more information on Osteoporosis or the Dazzler Campaign log onto
www.nos.org.uk or www.bonezone.org.uk.

You can also call the National Osteoporosis helpline on 0845 4500230 for
good advice.

08 January 2004


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