National Osteoporosis Society - Dazzler Campaign

Last Update: 09 Jan 2004

Sean has designed a code which forms the script for a series of jewels for
the Dazzler Campaign. The code is based on abstract sketches Sean created.





The Dazzler Campaign is a partnership between Emdico, London based
diamond merchants and Blondel Cluff, society jeweller and wife of mining
magnate, Algy Cluff. The purpose is to combine the glamour of diamonds
with a charitable element to it thus imparting a feel good factor to this
most intimate and emotional of purchases.
Three new cuts of diamonds have been created and patented. They gather
and reflect light in a very exciting way thus departing from the sheer
uniformity and commonness of the old style of cuts. These cuts are known
collectively as “Cool Cuts” and individually as Shiva, Heera and Amity.

A percentage of the sale of the wholesale price and a percentage of
retail sale prices have been pledged to charity. The current beneficiary
is the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS). Thus the glamour of diamond
has been combined with good health.

A wide range of celebrities have been invited to design a series of limited
edition jewellery using these cuts. The celebrities have pencilled their designs
and the dazzler campaign has produced this jewellery and offered it to
participating retailers. Sean Bean, Elton John, Phil Collins, Joanna Lumley,
Dawn French and Bruce Oldfield, Amanda Wakely from the fashion world
and Jewellery designer Theo Fennell and Stephen Webster have generously
donated their designs. In addition, several other celebrities have been
requested and have agreed to design something for the campaign.

Each jewel is produced in strictly limited numbers and is accompanied by a
Certificate of Authenticity which bears a unique number, also engraved on the

In addition, a fabulous diamond necklace featuring the Shiva cut has been
donated to the NOS.

An extensive PR and advertising programme has been planned to showcase
the campaign.

The Diamond Trading Company has backed the project and has hailed it as
an innovative union of luxury and health.

All diamonds are sourced from conflict free sources and conforms to DTC’s
best business practice principles.
Please visit the Dazzler Campaign for more information, participating
retailers, a celebrity design album and press releases.

Sean's support for the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS) is inspired by
his grandmother's strong bones and her participation in osteoporosis research
at Sheffield hospitals.
You can read more about Sean's involvement with his favourite charity here.
You can also visit the NOS website.
Click here to read a story about Sean and his grandmother's support for
NOS and the Dazzler Campaign.


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