Chronological List of Sean's Projects

Last Update: 28 March 2009

Listed alphabetically within the year the production was first transmitted/released/performed

For actual production/filming dates, please see Chronology 2


 Dates Unknown  
  A Murder Has Been Arranged (stage play) (Rotherham Civic Theatre)
Arsenic and Old Lace (stage play) Rotherham College
The Owl and the Pussycat (stage play) (Rotherham College)

  BBC Sports Sheffield United FC (BBC, date unknown) Brief chat with Sean.
Interview with Debbie Greenwood (ITV, possibly 93/94) Discussing Sharpe Series 1, etc., possibly from UK TV chat show TV Weekly
Sky Sports Live - Champions of Sport Live. (Sky Sports Channel) (date unknown, possibly 1995)
The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (featuring Sean on set of GoldenEye)
The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (When Saturday Comes Premiere in Sheffield)
The Biz (Cable Channel 1) (ES Magazine Photo Session - Session with photographer, John Stoddart, Sean at Battersea Power Station leaning on an old 'porpoise' Citroen)

  Cabaret (stage play) (Rotherham Civic Theatre) Character: Herr Schultz

  Fears and Miseries of the Third Reich (stage play) (RADA)
King Lear (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Duke of Albany
The House of Atreus (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Agamemnon
The Merry Wives of Windsor (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pistol

  Julius Caesar (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Flavius/Popilius/Cinna
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (stage play) (RADA) - Character: McMurphy
The Country Wife (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Mr. Pinchwife
The Pajama Game (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pop
The Three Sisters (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Andre Prozorov
Twelfth Night (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Fabian
Waiting for Godot (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Pozzo

  Barbican (tv ad for non-alcoholic beer, British TV)
Last Days of Mankind (stage play) (Glasgow Citizens Theatre) Character: A Journalist (credited as Shaun Behan)
Measure for Measure (stage play) (RADA) - Character:  Angelo
Medea (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Jason
Much Ado About Nothing (stage play) (RADA) - Character: Messenger/Guard/Musician
Romeo and Juliet (stage play) (Watermill Theatre, Newbury, Berkshire) - Character: Tybalt (first professional acting job) (credited as Shaun Behan)
Rosenkavalier (stage play) (Glasgow Citizens Theatre) Character: An Animal Seller (credited as Shaun Behan)

  David and Jonathan (stage play) (Redgrave Theatre, Farnham) Character: Jonathan
Punters (also known as Joey and Spansky) (TV Play [BBC] 27 November 1984)
Samson and Delilah (Channel 4) Character: Billy
The Bill (ITV series - Episode: Long Odds) Character: Horace Clark
Winter Flight (TV Movie - also known as The Big Surprise) Character: Hooker

  Deathwatch (stage play) (Foco Novo Theatre Company, The Young Vic) - Character: Lederer
Gone (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Art
Stalemate (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Estate Agent
Who Knew Mackenzie? (stage play) (Young Writers Festival, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Terry

  A Midsummer Night's Dream (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company) - Character: Starveling (1986-87 RSC Season)
Caravaggio (Theatrical Release) Character: Ranuccio
Romeo and Juliet (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Barbican & The Swan) - Character: Romeo (1986-87 RSC Season)
The Fair Maid of the West (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Mermaid) - Character: Spencer (1986-87 RSC Season)
The Practice (2 episodes of TV Series, Granada)

  A Midsummer Night's Dream (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company) - Character: Starveling (1986-87 RSC Season)
Romeo and Juliet (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Barbican & The Swan) - Character: Romeo (1986-87 RSC Season)
The Fair Maid of the West (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company, The Mermaid) - Character: Spencer (1986-87 RSC Season)
Woman's Hour (50th Anniversary Special) (BBC Radio) (Sean read from RSC's
Romeo and Juliet (30 September 1987)

  A Midsummer Night's Dream (stage play) (Royal Shakespeare Company) - Character: Starveling (1986-87 RSC Season) (performances continued into early 1988)
Stormy Monday (Theatrical Release) Character: Brendan
Troubles (2-part TV film) Character: Captain Bolton
War Requiem (Theatrical Release) Character: German Soldier

  How to Get Ahead in Advertising (Theatrical Release) Character: Larry Frisk
The Fifteen Streets (TV Movie) Character: Dominic O'Brien
The True Bride (TV segment from Jim Henson's "The Storyteller" series) (July 23)

  Exploits at West Poley (ITV Movie) Character: Scarface (produced in 1985)
Killing the Cat (stage play) (Soho Theatre Company, Theatre Upstairs) - Character: Danny
Lorna Doone (TV Mini Series) Character: Carver Doone
Small Zones (BBC TV Feature Film [BBC2]) Character: Vic
The Field (Theatrical Release) Character: Tadgh McCabe
The Loser (10 minute short play for Channel 4 Television) Character: Rod
Wedded (TV Play [ BBC2]) Character: Man
Windprints (Theatrical Release) Character: Anton van Heerden

  Clarissa (TV Mini Series) Character: Lovelace
In the Border Country (Channel 4 TV Movie) Character: Smith
My Kingdom for a Horse (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Steve
Prince (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Jack Morgan
Tell Me That You Love Me (TV Movie [BBC1]) Character: Gabriel Lewis

  Fool's Gold (TV Movie [ITV]) Character: Micky McAvoy
Inspector Morse: Absolute Conviction (TV Movie) Character: Alex Bailey
Lady Chatterley (TV Mini Series) Character: Mellors
Patriot Games (Theatrical Release) Character: Sean Miller
The Secret World of Spying (made for TV documentary on the making of the
film Patriot Games) (A&E, 30 mins) (Sean interviewed)

  A Woman's Guide to Adultery (TV Mini Series Character: Paul
Sharpe’s Devil - Audio Book (Harper Collins) - narrator
Sharpe's Eagle (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Rifles (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe
This Morning (Sean interviewed at the Albert Dock, Liverpool, before they moved to London) (ITV, 5 May 93)

  Black Beauty (Theatrical Release) Character: Farmer Grey
Fantasy Football League (BBC2, December 1994) (Guest appearance by Sean)
GMTV (ITV, 24 May 1994) (Feature on filming the Sharpe series - Sean interviewed by Jonathan Miller)
Jacob: A TNT Bible Story (TV Movie) Character: Esau
Scarlett (TV Mini Series) Character: Lord/Earl of Fenton
Sharpe's Company (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Enemy (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Honour (TV Movie [Carlton/Central/PBS] Character: Richard Sharpe
Shopping (Theatrical Release) Character: Venning
The Contenders (BBC1 documentary - 5 parts) (broadcast from 8 July 1994) - narrator
Trouble on the Terraces (About football violence - 90mins) (video released 1994, Castle Vision, CVI 1748) - narrator
Two Men and a Football - Fantasy Football League Videotape (Sean appears for 2 minutes or so in this commercially released video)

  Fantasy Football League (BBC2, March 1995) (Guest appearance by Sean)
GoldenEye (Theatrical Release) Character: Alec Trevelyan (006)
GoldenEye: Secret Files (Documentary Special) (ITV, December 25, 1995) (Sean discussing role, etc)
In Search of James Bond - Sean interviewed by Jonathan Ross (December 1995)
Pebble Mill (BBC1, May 1995) (Sean interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh re: When Saturday Comes) with location clips, film and other clips
Sharpe's Battle (TV Movie [Carlton/Central]Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Gold (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Sword (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe

  Build Me Up (Music Video - Tony Hadley) (UK) - guest appearance
Creatures Of The Magic Water (ITV documentary) (July 10, 1996) - narrator
Decisive Weapons (BBC2 documentary) (Sept 18, 1996) - narrator
GMTV (ITV, 01 March 1996) (Sean interviewed re: When Saturday Comes - with Eamonn Holmes and Anthea Turner) in 2 parts. Sean was due to appear 29th Feb, but was unwell; Tony Hadley appeared instead on that day singing "Build Me Up".
Good Morning Britain (ITV, 04 March 1996) (Sean interviewed by Ann Diamond and Nick Owen re: When Saturday Comes) - Sean appears briefly in Tony Hadley video
Over The Hills And Far Away: The Music Of Sharpe (Overture - narrator) (CD/Virgin)
Pebble Mill (BBC1, 1 March 1996) (Sean interviewed by Alan Titchmarsh re: When Saturday Comes - repeat of May 1995 interview minus location, film and other clips- introduced by by Sarah Greene; Tony Hadley follows)
Sharpe's Mission (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Regiment (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Siege (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sky Sports Soccer 95 Awards (Sky Sports, January 96) (Sean appears)
TFI Friday (01 March 1996) (Sean interviewed by Chris Evans re: When Saturday Comes)
The Late Jonathan Ross (Channel 4, 25 October 1996) Sean discussing GoldenEye Home Video Release
The Late, Late Show (Irish chat show, Sean interviewed by Gay Byrne) (March, 1996)
The True Story Of Martin Guerre (Radio Play - BBC Radio Four) (Character: Martin Guerre) (June 21 & 28, 1996)
This Morning (Sean interviewed re: When Saturday Comes Sheffield premiere) (ITV - February 28, 1996)
When Saturday Comes (Theatrical Release) Character: Jimmy Muir

  Decisive Weapons (BBC2 documentary - rerun on The History Channel - US) (April 21-26, 1997) - narrator
Decisive Weapons 2 (BBC2 documentary) (September, 1997) - narrator
Drive Time (Capital Radio, 4 Apr 97) (Review of Fever Pitch. Sean confesses to being hooked on "the beautiful game")
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Audio Book (Naxos) - narrator
Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (Theatrical Release) Character: Count Vronsky
Sharpe's Justice (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Legend (Compilation video - Sharpe series) Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe's Revenge (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Sharpe’s Tiger - Audio Book (Harper Collins) - narrator
Sharpe's Waterloo (TV Movie [Carlton/Central] Character: Richard Sharpe
Simon Mayo - BBC Radio One (24 July 1997) (Sean guests as "God for the Day")
SKY Football Ad (Sky Television, UK) (August 1997) - narrator
TFI Friday (02 May 1997) (Sean interviewed by Chris Evans re: Sharpe and Anna Karenina)
There's Only One Barry Fry (ITV documentary) (May 24, 1997) - narrator

  A Kind of Loving (BBC Radio 4 "Book at Bedtime) (May 11-22, 1998) - narrator
Airborne (Video Release)(November 1998) Character: Toombs
Lyrical Balads - Wordsworth and Coleridge (BBC Radio 4) (September 7-13, 1998) - narrator
Q.E.D. ("Call of the Deep" - The World Free Diving Championships) (BBC 1) (November 10, 1998) - narrator
Ronin (Theatrical Release)(September 1998 - US/November 1998 - UK)
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (BBC Radio 2) (August 7 - September 25, 1998) - narrator
The Canterbury Tales (Animated TV Series [BBC] - Episode: The Nun's Priest's Tale - December 1998) Character Voice: The Nun's Priest
The Real Monty (Channel 5 documentary) (March 19, 1998) - narrator
Where Were You: Passion, Pride & Penalties (BBC1, UK) (02 December 1998) - narrator
World Cup Rock'N'Goal Years (ITV, UK) (12 July 1998) - narrator

  Bravo Two Zero (Video Release/Telefilm) (28 Dec 1998/January 3/4 1999) Character: Andy McNab
Extremely Dangerous (4 part TV series) (ITV, UK) (November 1999)
Paradise Blues (Channel 4, UK) (13 June 1999) (documentary) - narrator
The Big Game (audio book) (Cover to Cover Cassettes) - narrator
The Big Match (audio book) (Cover to Cover Cassettes) - narrator
The Vicar of Dibley (1 episode of TV Series, BBC1) (27 December, 1999) Character: Sean Bean

  Acuvue Contact Lenses (US television ads) (April 12, 2000 and ongoing) (main actor)
Essex Boys (Feature Film/Granada Films, UK) Character: Jason Locke
Footy Shorts (28 October 2000) (Channel 5) (Post charity-game interview with Sean)
The Priory (17 October 2000) (Break Bumper - not Sean, but his dad - talking about
The Way it Was (Audio Book) (Hodder & Stoughton) - narrator

  Big Breakfast (12 December 2001) (Channel 4) (Sean appears)
Don't Say a Word (Feature Film/New Regency/Fox, US) Character: Patrick Koster
The Fellowship of the Ring (first in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) Character: Boromir
May It Be (Music Video for Enya) (clips from LOTR:FOTR)
Rosie O'Donnell (26 December 2001) (ABC - US) (Sean is a guest)
The Early Show (15 December 2001) (CBS - US) (Sean appears)
The Frank Skinner Show (25 November 2001) (Carlton/LWT) (Sean appears)
Treacherous Places (3-part Channel 5 documentary series, UK) (March 19 & 26, April 2, 2001) - narrator


Britain's Biggest Break (ad) (Television, UK) (January 2002) - voiceover
Equilibrium (Feature Film/Dimension Films/Blue Tulip Productions, US) Character: Partridge
Film 2002 (Jonathan Ross movie review program) (BBC1) (18 February 2002) (Sean talks about Don't Say a Word)

Macbeth (stage play) (Ambassador Theatre Group) (17 October 2002 - 01 March 2003) Character: Macbeth
Macbeth Interviews / clips:
Entertainment Today
(UK Television) Monday 18 November 2002
Celebrity Extra (Living TV) Saturday 23 November 2002)
Radio 4 (Saturday Review, 16th November 2002) (scene from Macbeth)
Celebrity Extra
(Monday 18th November) (scene from Macbeth)

M&S Christmas ads (Television, UK) (November - December 2002) - himself
Neil Warnock's Christmas Radio Show (BBC Radio Sheffield) (31 December 2002) (Sean interviewed before going onstage)
Reputations: Marie Antoinette (Documentary) (11 December 2002) (BBC2) - Narrator
The Two Towers (second in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) Character: Boromir
Tom & Thomas (Theatrical Release) (Netherlands) Character: Paul
We Are All Made of Stars (Music Video by Moby) (April 2002) (cameo appearance)
World Cup 2002: Beckham for Breakfast (BBC One, UK) (22 December 2002) (documentary) - narrator

  Barnardo's (tv ad for children's charity, British TV) (April 2003) - voiceover
Henry VIII (ITV TV Movie) Character: Robert Aske
The Big Empty (Feature Film/Rainstorm Entertainment) Character: Cowboy
The Jonathan Ross Show (BBC Radio 2) (01 February 2003) (Sean appears)
The Return of the King
(third in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) Character: Boromir

  As It Happened - D-Day to Berlin (BBC / SBS Documentary) (July 3, 10, 17, 2004) - narrator
England's Story (DVD/video about 2003 Rugby World Cup) - narrator
National Treasure
(Theatrical Release) Character: Ian Howe
Pride (Animated/Live Action TV Movie [BBC1 / A&E]) Voice: Dark
Troy (Theatrical Release) Character: Odysseus

  Dead or Alive: The Hunt for Bin Laden (CBC Newsworld Documentary) (March 6/12, 2005) - narrator
The Dark (Theatrical Release)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Game) (voice - The Emperor's Lost Son)
Flightplan (Theatrical Release) Character: Captain Rich
Hallam University Radio Ads - Hallam FM / Galaxy FM (Sheffield) (Sept/Oct 2005)
The Island (Theatrical Release) Character: Merrick
North Country (Theatrical Release) Character: Kyle
Radio 2's Christmas Chillout (Christmas Music / Narration) (25 Dec 2005) (BBC Radio 2) - Narrator

  Silent Hill (Theatrical Release) Character: Christopher
Sharpe's Challenge (TV Movie) (ITV-UK) Character: Richard Sharpe
Faceless (Series Pilot, FOX Television, USA) Character: John Robson/Eddie Pray (not broadcast)

  Outlaw (Theatrical Release) Character: Chrissy
The Hitcher (Theatrical Release) Character: John Ryder
Far North (Theatrical Release) Character: Loki

  Root of All Evil (Theatrical Release) Character: Pyke
Sharpe's Peril (TV Movie) Character: Richard Sharpe
Crusoe (TV series) (NBC) Character: James Crusoe

  Red Riding Quartet (TV mini-series) (Channel 4) - Character: John Dawson

  Percy Jackson (Theatrical Release) Character: Zeus



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