Tom Clegg

Last Update: 03 August 1998

As well as Bravo Two Zero, Tom Clegg has worked with Sean Bean many times when directing Sharpe films for Celtic/Central Films: Sharpe's Rifles/Eagle (1993); Sharpe's Company/Enemy/Honour (1994);
Sharpe's Gold/ Battle/Sword
(1995); Sharpe's Regiment /Siege/Mission (1996); and Sharpe's Revenge/Justice/Waterloo) (1997).

Several of these have won and been nominated for awards: Sharpe's Sword/Gold/Battle was nominated for a BAFTA in the Drama Series Category and Sharpe's Company/Enemy/Honour won several awards, including an International Monitor Award for Best Achievement in Film-Originated Specials. Sharpe's Rifle/Eagles was also voted Best Action/Adventure Production in the Television Movie Awards in Mound Freedom, New Jersey, USA.

Tom has worked as a director for many of the major TV companies, including BBC TV, Central TV and Granada. He has directed episodes of many well-known and well-loved TV series - Between the Lines, Boon, Van der Valk, C.A.T.S Eyes, The Professionals and Minder to name but a few.

Tom's directing talents also extend to feature films, having directed Sweeney Two, McVicar and The Official World Cup Film 1982.


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