Decisive Weapons - Series One

Last Update: 14 November 1998
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    Narrated by Sean Bean
    A series that chronicles the impact of technology on war.
    BBC2 (UK)
    The History Channel (US)

    T34: The Queen Of Tanks
    The Soviet Union faced near-certain defeat at the hands of the Nazis until they unleashed a new secret weapon, the T34 tank in 1941 and turned the war in the Allies favour. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 18 September 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

    The Bell Huey: Vietnam War Horse
    The Bell Huey helicopter came to symbolise the Vietnam War. The Huey did everything - carried troops deep into the jungle, evacuated the wounded, provided air support, even carried journalists to the front line. The Americans pinned all their hopes on it, only to discover it would not win them the war. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 25 September 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

    The P-51: Cadillac of the Skies
    World War II veterans recall the decisive role played by the P-51 Mustang in protecting US bombers from German attack. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 02 October 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

    The Bayonet: Cold Steel
    This programme looks at how the bayonet, which is critical in the training of British infantry men and brutal in conflict, remains an enduring symbol of more than 300 years of British military determination - on home soil, across the Empire and in two world wars. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 09 October 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

    The Longbow: Wood against Steel
    This programme looks at how the longbow changed the face of warfare and helped the English win the battle of Agincourt. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 16 October 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

    The Harrier: Jumping Jet Flash
    The history of British Harriers, showing how the Falklands war provided a perfect opportunity for the jets to prove themselves in combat - just 20 took on a 200-strong Argentine air force. (30 mins.)
    Wednesday 23 October 1996 - UK
    April 1997 - US

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