Decisive Weapons - Series Two

Last Update: 14 November 1998
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    Narrated by Sean Bean

    A series that chronicles the impact of technology on war.

    Monday 8 September 1997
    The Forgotten Fighter: Hawker Hurricane

    In 1940, Hitler's Luftwaffe swarmed over the English Channel - only to be beaten back by brave British pilots who overcame enormous odds to win the Battle of Britain. However, it wasn't the Spitfire which won the day for the RAF - it was the Hawker Hurricane. Here, former British and German pilots, and historians discuss the history of World War Two's forgotten plane. (30 mins)

    Monday 15 September 1997
    Wings over The Ocean: Aircraft Carrier

    A history of the aircraft carrier, which was invented by the British during World war One and changed the face of maritime warfare forever, making possible one of history's most notorious military strikes - the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. (30 mins)

    Monday 22 September 1997
    Lock, Stock And Barrel - Springfield Rifle

    The Springfield Rifled Musket, which was the first weapon to be mass-produced in factories, making the American Civil War a truly modern conflict, with casualties outnumbering those the US suffered in either World War. (30 mins)

    Monday September 29 1997
    U-Boat Killer: The Anti-Submarine Warship.

    The demise of the U-Boat, which had posed one of the gravest threats to the Allied fleet in World War Two until being finally defeated by the Royal Navy in the Battle of the Atlantic. Veterans from both sides recall the tactics and technology involved in this epic fight beneath the waves. (30 mins)

    Monday 6 October 1997
    Japanese Sword - Soul Of The Samurai.

    The history of the Japanese samurai sword, which stopped the Mongol invasions of the 13th century and was used against Allied prisoners in World War Two. Still made today using traditional methods, combining thousands of layers of hard and soft steel, the swords are now collected as works of art. (30 mins)

    Monday 13 October 1997
    Darkness Visible - The Stealth Fighter.

    Report on the development of he F-117A Stealth Fighter, the world's first combat plane designed to be invisible to radar, focusing on its role during the Gulf War. The programme investigates if its reputation for being undetectable by radar-guided and heat-seeking missiles is really justified. Last in series. (30 mins)

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