The Vicar of Dibley

Last Update: 26 December 2000
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When the 102 year old vicar of St. Barnabas Church dies in the middle of a service, the small village of Dibley readies itself to welcome the new vicar, a Mr. G. Grainger. There's one small problem...Mr. Grainger is, in fact, a woman....

The congregation, all six faithful souls, reacts to her arrival with a mixture of wonder and horror.

"You were expecting a bloke with a beard, a Bible and bad breath," Geraldine says. "Instead, you got a babe with a bob cut and a magnificent bosom."

Dawn French plays Geraldine Grainger in the award-winning The Vicar of Dibley, one of the BBC's most popular sitcoms.

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Geraldine, the Vicar, is well-known for keeping a picture of Mel Gibson next to her picture of Jesus.

However, in Series 3, the photo of Mel G. was replaced by this rather attractive picture of Sean.

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"That's Jesus... " Geraldine explains to Alice and Hugo's baby, "and there, more importantly, is Sean Bean. He's very sexy...."

In Spring (Episode 3 of Series 3), transmitted on 27 December 1999, Geraldine has been proposed to by David Horton. In a nightmare sequence of the wedding, Geraldine, wearing a lovely wedding dress and sporting chocolates in her hair, is asked if she accepts him: "Do you Boudicea Geraldine...."

Geraldine hesitates, and then stares incredulously down the aisle as....

...Sean bursts in!


"Noooooo! Don't do it, Geraldine! It's me you love, not him!"


"Come on, Lass!"


As the picture blurs, we cut to Geraldine, in bed, waking up and looking fairly rumpled!

Sean filmed this cameo performance in September 1999.


Dawn French
Gary Waldhorn
Emma Chambers
James Fleet
Roger Lloyd Pack
John Bluthal
Trevor Peacock
Liz Smith

Geraldine Grainger
David Horton
Alice Tinker
Hugo Horton
Owen Nesbitt
Frank Pickle
Jim Trott
Letitia Cropley

Guest appearance by Sean Bean (as himself) in "Spring"
(Series 3, December 27, 1999).


Written by

Directed by

Produced by

Richard Curtis
Paul Mayhew Archer
Kit Hesketh-Harvey

Dewi Humphrys
Gareth Carrivick
John Howard Davies

Jon Plowman
Sue Vertue



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