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Last Update: 25 December 1999
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Episode 1 (The Arrival)
The Dibley Parish Council have requested that the Bishop provide them a new Vicar after the death of the nonagenarian Percy Pottle. However, when the new Vicar turns up on the doorstep of Parish Council Chairman, David Horton, he is astounded to find that their new man is a woman: Geraldine! Though there is much disapproval at first, the Council finally agrees to let Gerry stay. After all, as Jim reflects, things have to change -- "look at traffic lights."

Episode 2 (Songs of Praise)
The BBC religious series, Songs of Praise, sends a production team to Dibley to tape one of their programs. Geraldine and David have misgivings about this, but Gerry (as she likes to be called) develops a crush on producer, Tristan, while David casts his eye on production assistant, Ruth. Alice gets stage fright, and Jim has to cue the congregation when they should laugh. The choir sings "Love is All Around", there's a discussion about John Inman, and Hugo quotes from Monty Python's "Nudge Nudge" sketch.

Episode 3 (Community Spirit)
Geraldine takes on the organization of the annual Autumn Fayre and promises to have a featured guest more celebrated than last year's event. Alice mentions her cousin Reg Dwight. Gerry concludes that her cousin is Elton John and asks him to open the fair. Everyone in Dibley seems to be a fan of Elton John, and they dress up like characters from his songs. Unfortunately, Reg Dwight turns out to be just a guy named Reg Dwight. But then Kylie Minouge appears out of nowhere and agrees to open the fair when Gerry promises her the best seat in Heaven.

Episode 4 (The Window and the Weather)
Dibley is hit by a hurricane, and the fierce storm blows out the stained glass window of St. Barnabas church. The cost of a new window will be at least £11,000, but no one can remember what the window actually depicted. After endless discussions concerning llamas, sheep, and Moses, the parish council discovers that the window depicted Noah's Ark. Gerry is ready to proceed with the replacement of the window when she finds an even better use for the money. The church gets a clear glass window, and the money goes to help earthquake victims.

Episode 5 (Election)
David has been the Councillor in a safe Tory seat for a number of years. But when Geraldine becomes concerned that not enough has been done for his constituency, David finds he now has a village that is prepared to vote for the vicar.

Episode 6 (Animals)
Geraldine plans to hold a special service of blessing in St. Barnabas Church for all the animals of the village. As the day approaches she becomes concerned. Will all the animals be properly house trained while in church? Moreover, will any of them try to eat each other?


The Easter Bunny
During the Vicar's first Lent in Dibley, she discovers the village's tradition of the Dibley Easter Bunny, a mysterious figure who leaves eggs outside every house each Easter. While she struggles to make sense of this, she must also deal with the ultimate sacrifice of giving up chocolate, and with Letitia's sudden death. Although no one will miss eating her radish jam, everyone is saddened when Letitia passes away. Letitia's dying wish, however, leaves everybody hopping around Dibley in rabbit costumes.

The Christmas Lunch Incident
It's Christmas time, and everyone is busily preparing for the big day. Gerry is in the throes of vicar's block, trying to write an interesting sermon, when she suddenly finds herself invited to three (later four) Christmas lunches and unable to find a way out of any of them. On Christmas Day, after a riveting sermon about the Spice Girls, Gerry makes the rounds. A Dibley Christmas lunch, as Gerry quickly learns, is a lunch to be reckoned with. Not even Jim's Dr. Who joke, a sprout-eating contest with David to defend Hugo's honor, and a meeting with Alice's even denser sister and the Rabbit Questioner herself can save Gerry from certain indigestion. To make matters worse, a stuffed and dazed Gerry re-encounters Tristan of "Songs of Praise," who, joy and rapture, finally asks her to marry him -- to his fiancee, that is.

All the villagers visit Gerry just when she's at her most depressed, and finally engage in Frank's long-awaited "thrilling game of charades." Gerry, meanwhile, has the perfect excuse to avoid the game, as she's stuck in the loo, dealing with the consequences of all of those lunches.


Episode 1 (Playing Cupid)
Gerry is determined to get Alice and Hugo together for their first kiss, but though this initially seems difficult, once she's set the ball rolling it proves even more difficult to split them apart. Meanwhile, after a particularly tonsil ripping snog, Owen decides that Gerry is the woman he wants to marry, much to her horror. To give her courage to turn him down, she takes to the bottle, which luckily disgusts Owen.

Episode 2 (Dibley Live)
Gerry helps to set up Dibley's very own radio station. She leads the line up of villagers who've each been allocated a time slot on the station. While Hugo spins disks wearing leather pants and a lounge lizard jacket, the real excitement is on Frank's show: "I first realized I was gay when I was 18...."

After Frank makes his rather surprising announcement, he is thrilled at everyone's kind response. Little does he know that nobody was listenining....

Episode 3 (Celebrity Vicar)
After Gerry's debut on Radio Dibley, she is asked to appear on BBC radio with presenter Terry Wogan. She finds herself surrounded by media attention, and it all goes straight to her head. However she soon sees sense and manages to use her status to help the church, with a little help from a pair of tutus and ballet pro Darcy Bussell. Other performers at the St. Barnabus Charity Talent Show include Owen's amazing farting duck, Frank's impressions of his relatives, and Jim's one man show version of The Full Monty.

Episode 4 (Love and Marriage)
Alice is convinced by Gerry that "lots of hearts with a different Dr Who in each one" really is not a
good idea for a wedding dress and settles for a giant pink heart with I LOVE HUGO embroidered inside on a fluffy gown. And of course no bridal ensemble would be complete without a headpiece that lights up. Further touches of elegance are added with the Teletubby bridesmaids, catering by Burger King and the inclusion of the song "Wild Thing" as the recessional hymn. While this is happening, Gerry meets and falls for David's brother, dyes her hair platinum blonde, and tries to decide if she should stay in Dibley or do mission work in the inner city.


Episode 1 (Autumn)
Geraldine gets a surprise when David's dishy brother darkens the vicarage door once more, and enjoys an evening to remember - is he the one for her? Meanwhile, Hugo and Alice return from an extended honeymoon with an extra package - Alice is having a baby. Unfortunately, the dizzy mother-to-be can't actually grasp the notion of pregnancy, and thinks she's just getting fat.

Episode 2 ( Winter)
Geraldine is forced to take charge of the annual Christmas play, and while David insists on portraying Herod sympathetically as a man greatly misunderstood, Alice solves casting problems by volunteering herself and bumbling Hugo to play Mary and Joseph. To the amazement of the audience she gives her role a surprising amount of authenticity - could she really have borne the son of God?

Episode 3 (Spring)
The Bishop of Mulberry is to officiate at the christening of Alice and Hugo's baby. Geraldine and Owen are to be the godparents and Frank and Jim god-grandparents. Amazed to find that Geraldine and he are in agreement on several matters, David asks Geraldine to marry him. Her answer, surprisingly, is yes - that is, until sense prevails. Heart-throb Sean Bean guest stars as himself.

Episode 4 (Summer)
The committee agree that they should celebrate millennium year by erecting a statue on the green but are hard pushed to find a heroic figure from Dibley's past. Also, a water shortage is making village life difficult.  

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