The Vicar of Dibley - Recurring Characters

Last Update: 29 December 1999
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Geraldine Granger (the Vicar)
Geraldine keeps a picture of Mel Gibson next to her picture of Jesus, and appeals to both of them in troubled times. If they fail her, 200 Crunchie bars washed down with a jar of treacle is the next best thing. (In the most recent series from 1999, the picture of Mel has been replaced by a rather fetching head and shoulders shot of Sean Bean.)

David Horton (Head of the Parish Council)
Grumpy, right-wing David Horton is the local councillor who disagrees with the new vicar's fresh, liberal attitude and ideas. He tries his best to have Geraldine removed, but the parish council performs a small act of mutiny and decides to give her a chance.

Alice Tinker (the Verger)
Enthusiastic and sweet, Alice tries her best, but she's somewhat naive. Her main skill is pasta art, and she's made a lovely Jesus out of macaroni. Alice is also remembered for insisting that the bridesmaids at her wedding be dressed as Teletubbies.

Hugo Horton (son of David Horton)
Hugo and Alice's first kiss lasted 4 1/2 hours.

Owen Newitt (a local farmer)
Despite his deep, monotone voice, Owen surprised everyone by auditioning for the church choir as a soprano. When he took over from Letita as the Dibley Easter Bunny, Owen showed his creative side by making the rabbit ears on his costume out of real rabbit ears.

Letita Cropley
When the vicar announced a blessing of the animals, Letita offered to bring the snails she got for her new recipe, "Bread and Butter Pudding Surprise".

Jim Trott
Jim is a retired chap whose dithering "No no no no no's" confuse everyone. His wife has a tendency to say "Yes yes yes yes yes yes no."

Frank Pickle
Frank is also retired. During his time slot on Radio Dibley, Frank announced that he was gay. At the next Parish Council meeting, everyone told him that his radio spot was fabulous, and Frank was touched to think that they were accepting his sexuality so easily. While he left the room to steady himself, the vicar discovered that no one had actually listened to Frank's show, as they considered him the most boring man in Britain.

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