Projects Listed by Director

Last Update: 28 March 2009
Original list compiled by Marcella Bradley

Paul Anderson, 1994, Shopping

Steve Anderson, 2002, The Big Empty

Stephen M Anderson, 2008, Root of All Evil

Sallie Aprahamian, 1999, Extremely Dangerous

Roy Battersby, 1984, Winter Flight

Michael Bay, 2005, The Island

Robert Bierman, 1991, Clarissa

Antonia Bird, 1987, Inspector Morse - Absolute Conviction

Keith Boak, 1990, The Loser

Martin Campbell, 1995, GoldenEye

Joe Carnahan, 2006, Faceless

Niki Caro, 2005, North Country

Gareth Carrivick, 1999, The Vicar of Dibley

Duane Clark, 2008, Crusoe

Tom Clegg, 2008, Sharpe's Peril
Tom Clegg, 2005, Sharpe's Challenge
Tom Clegg, 1998, Bravo Two Zero
Tom Clegg, 1997, Sharpe's Justice
Tom Clegg, 1997, Sharpe's Revenge
Tom Clegg, 1997, Sharpe's Waterloo
Tom Clegg, 1996, Sharpe's Mission
Tom Clegg, 1996, Sharpe's Regiment
Tom Clegg, 1996, Sharpe's Siege
Tom Clegg, 1995, Sharpe's Battle
Tom Clegg, 1995, Sharpe's Gold
Tom Clegg, 1995, Sharpe's Sword
Tom Clegg, 1994, Sharpe's Company
Tom Clegg, 1994, Sharpe's Enemy
Tom Clegg, 1994, Sharpe's Honour
Tom Clegg, 1993, Sharpe's Eagle
Tom Clegg, 1993, Sharpe's Rifles

Chris Columbus, 2010, Percy Jackson

John Downer, 2004, Pride

John Erman, 1994, Scarlett

John Fawcett, 2004, The Dark

Mike Figgis, 1988, Stormy Monday

Gary Fleder, 2001, Don't Say a Word

John Frankenheimer, 1998, Ronin

Christophe Gans, 2005, Silent Hill

Maria Giese, 1995, When Saturday Comes

Julian Grant, 1998, Airborne

Andrew Grieve, 1990, Lorna Doone

Edward Hall, 2002, Macbeth

Peter Hall, 1994, Jacob

David Hayman, 1993, A Woman's Guide to Adultery

Peter Jackson, 2001-2002, Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King

Pedr James, 1986, The Practice - I Can Handle It

Derek Jarman, 1988, War Requiem
Derek Jarman, 1986, Caravaggio

Julian Jarrold, 2008, Red Riding Quartet

Joseph Kahn, 2002, We Are All Made of Stars (music video)

Asif Kapadia, 2006, Far North

Esmé Lammers. 2002, Tom & Thomas

Diarmud Lawrence, 1990 (1985), Exploits at West Poley

Nick Love, 2007, Outlaw

Bruce MacDonald, 1991, Tell Me That You Love Me

James Marsh, 2008, Red Riding Quartet

Chris Menaul, 1984, Punters

Dave Meyers, 2007, The Hitcher

Christopher Morahan, 1988, Troubles

Jonathan Myerson, 1998, The Canterbury Tales - The Nun's Priest's Tale

Phillip Noyce, 1992, Patriot Games

Thaddeus O'Sullivan, 1991, In the Border Country

Mark Peploe, 1984, Samson & Delilah

Wolfgang Petersen, 2003, Troy

John Michael Phillips, 1984, The Bill

Barbara Rennie, 1991, My Kingdom for a Horse

Dave Richards, 1986, The Practice - The Tragedy of Heroin

Bruce Robinson, 1989, How to Get Ahead in Advertising

Bernard Rose, 1997, Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina

Ken Russell, 1993, Lady Chatterley

Robert Schwentke, 2004, Flightplan

Jim Sheridan, 1990, The Field

Peter Smith, 1989, The True Bride

Caroline Thompson, 1994, Black Beauty

Pete Travis, 2003, Henry VIII

Anand Tucker, 2008, Red Riding Quartet (1983)

Jon Turteltaub, 2003, National Treasure

David Wheatley, 1991, Prince
David Wheatley, 1989, The Fifteen Streets

Michael Whyte, 1990, Small Zones

David Wicht, 1990, Windprints

Kurt Wimmer, 2001, Equilibrium

Terry Winsor, 2000, Essex Boys
Terry Winsor, 1992, Fool's Gold



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