Last Update: 16 December 2000
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Map of Berlin

The area inside the red square is shown to the right.


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  • Inaugurated in 1894 for the newly formed assembly of the German Empire
  • Set aflame in 1933 by Nazi supporters as a pretext for the suspension of civil law
  • Bombed by the Allies during World War II
  • Stormed in 1945 by Russian troops
  • Wrapped in 1995 by artist Christo
  • Gutted and renovated for its rebirth in 1999 as home to the German Bundestag (parliament).

The architect in charge of the overhaul was Norman Foster, who also designed the new glass dome (accessible to the public). The Reichstag is located in Tiergarten, just north of the Brandenburg Gate.

Text Source: Berlin City Guide

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