The Fifteen Streets

Last Update: 21 February 2003
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Etched in blood, passion and tragedy, The Fifteen Streets is an intensely moving Victorian-era drama, based on the best-selling novel by Catherine Cookson, one of England's most celebrated and beloved authors.

Owen Teale is John O'Brien, a dock worker who fights against the suffering around him with his heart, unlike the members of his rowdy, brawling family - which includes his wayward brother Dominic (Sean Bean).

After a chance meeting with his sister's beautiful teacher, Mary Llewellyn (Clare Holman), romance blossoms for John. But this appears doomed because of the very nature of the classes of society which separate them.

The arrival of a family of spiritual healers, or "spooks", complicates matters, as does the surprise pregnancy of Nancy, a local girl who accuses John of being the father. No one, however, is prepared for the eventual tragedy which will affect the lives of everyone in the street.

This International Emmy Award (1990) nominated production was filmed on location in Newcastle; at Chillingham Road Primary School; at Heaton Manor School; and on Richardson Street in Heaton. Other locations included the Beamish Museum in Co Durham and the Marsden Grotto in South Shields.

Filming began 22 March 1989 and lasted for six weeks.

Watch for a young Jane Horrocks ("Bubble" in AbFab) as Christine, the daughter of Peter Bracken, the spiritualist; Billie Whitelaw as Mary Llewellyn's mother; and Ian Bannen as Peter Bracken.

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Owen Teale
Sean Bean
Anny Tobin
Leslie Schofield
Faye Dannell
Gillian Hope
Scott Frazer
Clare Holman
Billie Whitelaw
Frank Windsor
Ian Bannen
Jane Horrocks
Colin Bavidge

John O'Brien
Dominic O'Brien
Mary Ellen O'Brien
Shane O'Brien
Katie O'Brien
Molly O'Brien
Mick O'Brien
Mary Llewellyn
Beatrice Llewellyn
James Llewellyn
Peter Bracken
Christine Bracken
David Bracken


Produced by

Directed by
Script & Story Consultant

Running time
DVD Release

Ray Marshall
Geraint Davies
For Tyne Tees Television
and World Wide International Television

David Wheatley
Rob Bettinson
Rosemary Anne Sissons
From the novel by Catherine Cookson

108 minutes (1989)
30 August 1989 (ITV)
May 2003 (Region 2)



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