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A chat with Sean Bean
by Euan Kerr, Minnesota Public Radio
September 21, 2005
Sean Bean plays the captain of a new airliner in the psychological thriller,
"Flightplan," which opens this weekend. The movie stars Jodie Foster.

Actor Sean Bean will be appearing a great deal at your local movie theater
this fall. He appears in "Flightplan" with Jodie Foster, which opens this
weekend. Then next month, Bean plays a Minnesotan in "North Country."
British actor Sean Bean trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in
London, then went on to join the Royal Shakespeare Company.
But he is best known to U.S. audiences for his appearances in such movies
as "Lord of the Rings," where he played the fallen hero Boromir. He also
played the title role in the popular PBS series "Sharpe's Rifles."
Bean is up for a busy fall this year, appearing in the psychological thriller
"Flightplan," which opens this weekend. He also stars in the Minnesota-
based "North Country," scheduled to open in mid-October.
In "Flightplan," Bean plays the captain of a brand new passenger plane on
its maiden voyage. It's carrying its designer, played by Jodie Foster, and
her daughter.
When the girl mysteriously disappears after takeoff, the story becomes
every parent's nightmare. Then, the crew begins to question whether the
child was ever aboard the plane.
Bean spoke with MPR's Euan Kerr about both his upcoming movies.
Source: Minnesota Public Radio
October 1, 2005
Euan Kerr here again...
Sean Bean has a reputation in Britain as being a bit of a lad. He's
classically trained as an actor (RADA and the Royal Shakespeare Co.)
Yet he's known for his love of soccer, and spending a certain amount
of time down the pub.
So it's fun to see him reincarnated slightly as a SNAG (sensitive
new age guy.) You can catch him this weekend in "Flightplan" with
Jodie Foster. She plays the designer of a swanky new jetliner which
is about to head off on its maiden flight. She leaves her daughter
sleeping for a few moments after the plane takes off, only to find
the little girl has disappeared when she returns. Bean plays the
plane's captain, who is increasingly covinced the girl may not
actually exist.
We will also get to see Sean Bean in "North Country" playing Frances
McDormand's husband.
One of the strange deals about the radio business is that people
call you up and say 'Hey do you want to talk to so-and-so later
today?" We got one of those calls, and I suddenly found myself
chatting with Sean Bean.
I have no idea where he was, and I know I was just one in a series
of 10 minute interviews he was doing back-to-back. Frankly he was a
little rote at first, but once we got going he warmed to his subject,
and then really took off when we started talking about his
trip to Minnesota.
I know I keep talking about how much North Country will shake people
up in the Land of 10,000 lakes, but I really think it will. It was
interesting to hear his take on that too.


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