Football Factory

Last Update: 30 March 2004
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Based on the best-selling 1997 cult novel by John King, Football Factory is a hard hitting film about Chelsea football hooligans. It has been in production since 2001, and saw a brief period of filming in London in the winter of 2002. However, at the beginning of December 2002, filming was discontinued.

Nothing was heard about the film until 02 June 2003, when a story in This is London reported that six weeks of filming had been completed, and the movie was due to be released in the Spring of 2004.

Sean was originally in the lineup for Football Factory, but because the filming dates were changed, he was no longer available, and therefore doesn't appear in the final version.

According to Dark Horizons, "...the novel is about a seasoned Chelsea Football Club hooligan who represents a disaffected society operating by brutal rules. The story encompasses social degradation, unemployment, racism, casual violence, excessive drink and bad sex - and how they fall into a political context".

Initial filming took place in Italy in 2001. Principal photography was scheduled to continue for five weeks in London and South Africa beginning 18 November 2002. Production ceased until April 2003, when it picked up again for six weeks, and was completed on 01 June 2003.

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