Broomhill Friery

Last Update: 02 Oct 2008

On Wednesday, 01 Oct 2008, Sean was in Sheffield to promote his
nephew's chip shop.
You can see his comments on the BBC website here:
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On Wednesday, 16 May 2007, Sean made a surprise appearance at the
Broomhill Friery, to help celebrate its official opening.
Sean's brother-in-law, Mohammed 'Naz' Jaan (who was previously the
manager of Sheffield's Delhi Junction restaurant), bought the Broomhill
Friery for his son (and Sean's nephew), Daniel.
SB fan Sarah Abbott was at the Friery, and contributed these pictures:


Sean and Daniel


Sarah's sister Ruth with Sean




Sarah and Sean




Sarah's friend Vin and Sean




Sarah's friend Jonny and Sean




Sean, Naz and two staff members


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