GoldenEye - It's a Wrap

Last Update: 30 October 2000
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Combining explosive action, heart-stopping stunts and trademark humor, the 17th James Bond action adventure has all the elements to make it a worthy successor to the series. It is a mixture of tradition and invention, never forgetting what the fans have come to expect while inviting a new generation to come along for the ride.

"There was something about Bond, and there still is," reflects Campbell. "You think about the audiences who have enjoyed him for over 30 years...and yet there must be a completely new generation who know little about him apart from reruns on television. It seems incredible to me."

And what of the new James Bond?

"People are going to be waiting to see," Brosnan admits, "and that's what gives it an edge; that's what makes it exciting. That's the focus: to make it as big and as wonderful and as thrilling as possible...and hopefully have colossal fun doing it."

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