Sean Reads Poetry - Anne K's Report

Last Update: 27 April 2002

The performance started a few minutes late as the readers appeared to be rehearsing right up to the last minute. I've no idea how much notice they had all had but it seemed they were giving their time for free in aid of the Red Cross.

The readings were divided into four distinct sections with different groupings doing each one. The section was introduced first and a bit explained about the poems and the background. Very nicely done. Sean appeared in the second and fourth section and only read one poem in each.

Apart from Sean there was Eleanor Bron, Edward Fox, Simon Williams and Julian Glover - all familiar faces to us. Simon Williams was actually performing in the play that is currently running at the Apollo.

Sean wore a pale green polo shirt, quite tight, and slightly darker green trousers. His hair looked blonde and was nicely cut and very short. He looked tanned.

He read the first poem very quietly but, being Sean, you could still hear every word. The second poem was a lovely one about a friend's 19 year old son and the poet was reflecting on how he had neither a wife nor a son. It was quite poignant and Sean read it with great feeling but again very softly.

Afterwards we went round to the stage-door. Two other lovely young girls who were also fans joined us. Nothing happened...and finally one of the other girls plucked up courage to ask if Sean was inside. The man at the door didn't know for sure, but thought he might have already left.

We decided to hang on a bit longer...then Simon Williams came out. He is a charming man and very friendly. He signed Sarah H's autograph book and chatted with us for a while. He said he didn't know what had happened to the others but he'd go and find out for us. Just then, Sean's head appeared at the door - and he came out.

When we spoke to him he immediately came over and happily signed a couple of photos for Sarah H. and a sheet of her book for me. We told him how much we had enjoyed the reading, and Sean replied it was the first time he had been on stage for 12 or 13 years. I managed to tell him we already had tickets for Macbeth and I asked if it was definitely going to go to the West End. Sean said it would - but he didn't know which theatre yet, and it would probably run for 10 to 12 weeks.

We asked if it would be OK to take a photo or two. Sean agreed, and I wanted to take one of Sarah H. standing with him, but she came over all shy! She wouldn't have one with him but she took one of him next to me! Poor Sean looked very bemused! He shook hands and spoke to the other girls too.

Someone he knew then came along, and he greeted them, by which time Edward Fox and Eleanor Bron had come out and were signing and talking as well. Then they all walked down the street, and round into Shaftsbury Avenue.

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