We Are All Made of Stars

Last Update: 15 April 2002

From Moby's website....

4/13/2002 - Los Angeles

i just have to say, simply, that having sean bean in the 'we are all made of stars' video makes me
really happy.

all of the people who agreed to be in the video make me happy, but sean bean in particular. and
it's amazing that someone who's been in so many movies, and who's such a remarkable actor
would still be relatively unkown.

it's safe to say that almost everyone in the western world has seen him in a movie, but i still get
asked 'whos that?' when he appears in the 'we are all made of stars' video.

he was boromir in 'lord of the rings' and he was in ronin, and goldeneye, and patriot games, and
etc, and etc. i don't know why he agreed to be in the 'we are all made of stars' video, but i'm
honored that he did. i'm, of course, honored that everyone else agreed to be in the 'stars' video,

but maybe cos i'm such a geek and cos i grew up reading 'lord of the rings' over and over again, i
can't believe that boromir is in my video.

maybe i'll go see 'lord of the rings' again. i know, i'm a geek, but it really is a remarkable movie.


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