Chronic Pain Service Unit at Northern General Hospital in Sheffield

Last Update: 27 January 2003

STH Communications Update
02 September 2002 and 09 September 2002

Sean visited the NGH on Saturday, 31 August 2002, at around 2 pm to officially open the Chronic Pain Service facility, located in the courtyard behind the old nurses home. Sean met staff and received some acupuncture, then had the chance to relax when he sampled some hypnotherapy, before officially opening the unit and staying around for a photo and autograph session.

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Nursing Times
September 10, 2002
Volume 98 no 37

The Staff Newsletter for
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
November 2002 (story below)







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Left: Anaesthetist Neil Edwards
"Bonds" with Sean

Below: More pictures from the opening of the Chronic Pain Unit.

Many thanks to the Communications Team at
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals for these

All photos by Paul Drabble






Images below are from the 2002 Yorkshire Awards, during which Sean was named Yorkshire Man of the Year. For more pictures and a short downloadable clip from the broadcast, please visit Lynn's Full of Beans website.





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