A Woman's Guide to Adultery

Last Update: 16 June 2003
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Produced for Carlton Television by Hartswood Films, and aired in three parts in the winter of 1993, A Woman's Guide to Adultery tells the story of four women, each of whom is involved in an adulterous affair while trying at the same time to break free of the deceit, lies and misery their relationships invariably foster.

The plot focuses on Rose (Theresa Russell), who disapproves of extra-marital affairs on the grounds that any woman who sleeps with another woman's husband is committing a crime against her gender; Jo (Amanda Donohoe), a politician who is having an affair with a Labour MP (Ian McElhinney); advertising executive Helen (Ingrid Lacey), who is married to Michael (Adrian Dunbar) but is secretly bedding her boss (Danny Webb); and Jennifer (Fiona Gillies), a university art professor who becomes involved with one of her students, played by Neil Morrisey.

When Rose signs up for a photography course taught by married lecturer Paul (Sean Bean), she finds herself beginning a relationship which goes against all of her better principles.

"Casting the drama was great fun," commented producer Beryl Vertue. "I felt a bit like a matchmaker."

Based on the novel by Carol Clewlow, A Woman's Guide to Adultery was shot on location in Paris, and in Bristol, England from 27 May to 17 July 1993.


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