My Kingdom for a Horse

Last Update: 09 November 2000
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Steve teaches history at the school which he previously attended as a pupil ("five years as a kid, eight years as a teacher"), and devotes his spare time to the Sealed Knot Society, dressed in 17th century uniform and wielding a pikestaff. His commanding officer is also his head of department. The action starts on the field of Naseby, on one of those mornings when "I want to die in an early skirmish".

Steve still lives with his parents, drinks with his friend Pud, transports his pike on the roofrack of his unreliable car and eventually plucks up enough courage to make a date with Sharon. He sees his pupils as future cannon fodder, like himself.

With wry humour, the play explores his dreams of escape and occasional rebellious outbursts against the footsoldier's lot.

My Kingdom for a Horse was filmed in September 1988.

John Godber's screenplay for the film was nominated for an alternative BAFTA award.



Sean Bean
Andrew Livingston
Jane Clifford
Bryan Pringle
Sheila Hancock

Steve's Father
Steve's Mother



Produced by
Written by
Directed by
Transmission date

John Godber
Barbara Rennie
March 12, 1991



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