The Fellowship of the Ring London Premiere

Rave reviews for Rings debut
TVNZ 11 Dec 2001

The Lord of the Rings has been years in the making, and on Monday it finally hit the world's screens.
The Fellowship of the Ring, the first of three movies inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien and directed by Peter Jackson screened in London on Tuesday morning NZT, to almost universal acclaim.

The biggest event in New Zealand's movie history was witnessed by an army of the world's media and a star-studded audience.

Jackson says it took years of planning to prepare Hollywood for the idea .

"It happened almost by osmosis... if we just walked into somebody's office and said let's make three movies in New Zealand they would have thrown us out the door.

"But it didn't happen like that, it crept up on people before they were able to think about it I think."
The result has won praise from the stars.

"For me it is so much better than I could ever have anticipated, and I am so proud of him and so proud to be in the film," says Liv Tyler, who plays the elf-maiden Arwen in the film.

Also starring is the special effects of Weta Productions, used to transform New Zealand into Middle Earth.

"I think it will be strange to most New Zealanders, a lot of them will probably see this movie and be surprised that some of those landscapes, some of those places are in their country," says actor Viggo Mortenssen, who plays Aragorn.

And as the Gliterati gathered for the after-movie party, the praise continued.

"It just kept you on the edge of seat, one minute you are absolutely at the edge of your seat because it's a massive fight scene, and then you're nearly crying because its so mystical and spiritual and wonderful and... just great" British actor Amanda Holden.

Television talk show host Frank Skinner was impressed with the scenery.

"I really want to go to New Zealand now because it looked really gorgeous... is it really like that or is it done with computers?"

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