Moneypenny To Macbeth For Samantha Bond

Last Update: 29 July 2002

Source: Theatre Now
09 July 2002

Moneypenny To Macbeth For Samantha Bond
Edward Hall's production of Macbeth, which is to play at the Albery Theatre in the West End from November, has confirmed its two leads - Sean Bean and Samantha Bond.

Miss Bond (appropriately named as she plays Moneypenny in the Bond movies) is clever casting, as she can play chillingly cold as well as engagingly vulnerable, and she has a streak of toughness that reminds one of her stage mother (in Amy's View) and off-stage friend, Dame Judi Dench.

Macbeth is a notoriously difficult play to pull off, but when a production hits the magic spot (as happened in 1976 when Dame Judi played the Lady to Ian McKellen's Macbeth, in Trevor Nunn's RSC production) then the piece's power is fully revealed.

More details about Edward Hall's production will be reported as they occur.

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