Much Awaited Macbeth Begins Previews

Last Update: 13 November 2002

Source: Theatre Now
07 November 2002

Much Awaited Macbeth Begins Previews

Macbeth may be, traditionally, an unlucky play - a fact often blamed on the witchcraft scenes that are an integral part of the production - but as previews of Edward Hall's production begin tonight, 7th November, at the Albery, things are looking very rosy for producer Sonia Friedman as the show has (as we recently reported) a very healthy box office advance.

Macbeth opens on 14th November, when the critics will decide wheher the advance sales - based on the triple appeal of movie star Sean Bean, stage and screen star Samantha Bond and director Edward Hall (named earlier this year as a possible artistic director of the RSC that his father, Sir Peter, founded in the 1960s) are justified by the production itself. According to backstage gossip they certainly are, and this is a critical as well as commercial success in the making.

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