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Last Update: 10 December 2002

Source: What's On Stage
05 December 2002

Actor Mark Bazeley, currently appearing alongside Sean Bean and Samantha Bond in Macbeth, may have cause to re-evaluate his bullishness towards superstition. In this week's 20 Questions interview with, he confidently said he didn't believe in the notorious curse associated with "The Scottish Play", though he did admit he'd felt a twinge in an old knee injury when performing Shakespeare’s tragedy in Richmond. Catching up with him since the interview, has discovered that the knee injury has in fact resurfaced with a vengeance, forcing Bazeley to have missed some performances. In addition, says another show insider, 'half the cast' are in physiotherapy for other ailments. Spooky! It's not all bad, of course. With box offices selling out, the production has just extended (See Today's News), good news which follows its three nominations in our Theatregoers' Choice Awards, not least the Best Supporting Actor one for Bazeley himself (jointly for Macbeth and his previous role in Homebody/Kabul at the Young Vic).

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