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17 February 2002

Sonia Freedman - theatre producer

In the last three years, Sonia Friedman has become one of theatre's
most influential figures, producing and programming plays. Her
current hits include Noises Off and Stones in His Pockets in London
and on Broadway and the recent A Day in the Death of Joe Egg with
Eddie Izzard.

Her hallmark is her keen eye for new plays, a skill she honed as a
stage manager at the National Theatre. She revealed serious producing
talent by filling every shop in Covent Garden (except Benetton) with
celebrity assistants for an Aids fundraiser. She also co-founded the
new writing success story Out of Joint, producing sell-out
international tours including Shopping and Fucking, The Steward of
Christendom and Blue Heart. In 1998 she became a producer at the
Ambassadors Theatre Group which owns 19 theatres. Last year, she
formed Sonia Friedman Productions. Future plans include an adaptation
of The King of Comedy, Sean Bean in Macbeth, the award-winning
Gagarin Way , the transfer of the political shocker The Lieutenant of
Inishmore and a revival of the musical Funny Girl .

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